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Our South American Odyssey: Day 6

We have been in in Cordoba, Argentina now for three days and on Tuesday April 2 2019 we were ready to take the field for the first time. But first we needed to take care of something we had been planning for a long time. In the months leading up to our trip, parents and friends collected new and used soccer gear to present to the Talleres Club. The club will use these donations for soccer schools in poor neighborhoods in the city.

The Club was very appreciative and stated, “…this act of kindness will make many, many smiles of happiness.”

Our boys spent most of Tuesday at the Talleres Club facility where they, along with Argentinian players of similar ages, received intense training from Talleres coaches,. They then joined the club for lunch and finished the day off with ice cream.

On Tuesday evening some members of our host family joined us for a dip in the hotel pool and a quintessential Argentinian meal at a wonderful restaurant within walking distance of our hotel.

Speaking of food, all week long the boys seemed interested in trying new things and definitely were not shy in commenting on the cuisine of our host country.

What are your reflections of the food in Argentina?

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“There’s lots of meat and the portions are too small, they need bigger steaks!” – Karl Kain.

“The food is scrumptious. Lots of meats that give me the meat sweats. I haven’t noticed salads or vegetables at all.” – Ben Shields.

“I don’t like the desserts, they are slimy and melt in my mouth but I love the meat. “ – Marius Trouten.

It was all good, I would like to see more bread if possible. I also miss American water. “ – Spencer .

“I miss pepperoni rolls and I don’t like the intestines.” – Camden. Kulpa.

“I don’t like the sparkling water, the food needs some larger portions and they put raisins in every thing… Burger King has better fries than they do in America. I really miss Mountain Dew.”– Conner Fitzpatrick.

“Just about everything is meat. The barbecue is different and I definitely miss cereal a lot. “ –Max Seibert.

“I liked all the meat and stuff and I miss pretzels.” – Lorenzo Donzella.

“The meat tastes so good – just love it – there’s no way we can get anything like that in Wheeling. I miss be able to easily read labels because of my allergies.” – Mikey Blanton.

“I miss toasted Cheeze-its and regular water. They eat a lot of toast.” – Owen Tipton.

“By the way, says the Argentinian, humans technically do eat water because it travels through your body the same way” – he says jokingly. – Mateo Gattesco.

“It’s all delicious except for the desserts – I could call them squishy and sour-ish – and the pizza here is just so flat” – Seth.

“Some of the desserts are actually good – like the ice cream, for example. I miss Domino’s and pizza in general.” – Anonymous.

This series is sponsored by the generous support of Stratford Springs Family Restaurant.