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Our South American Odyssey: The Final Chapter

“For a friend with an understanding heart is worth no less than a brother” – Homer, The Odyssey.

After our there-and-back, 30-hour bus odyssey to Buenos Aries, everyone was ready for Day 9 to be a little more relaxing. On our last day in Argentina we visited the resort town of Villa Carlos Paz.

The mountains were breathtaking, the weather was amazing and San Roque Lake was tranquilo.

It was a perfect way to quietly relax and reflect on our South American Odyssey. Until, that is, Diego decided to take us Go-Kart racing, Argentina-style, which basically means no rules or regulations.

Don’t worry, not everyone suffered an injury….and the boys had a blast.

Our final meal may have been the best of the week. Unlike previous spots that we visited, at this Carlos Paz establishment the kitchen was on display for all to see…

There are so many ways one could attempt to recap this trip. I will not make such an effort here, for I believe that the true story of our South American Odyssey, is one that will continue on. For these boys from Wheeling and the Ohio Valley will always have Argentina in their hearts and in their souls. As they embark on their own life odysseys, they will carry what they have learned and experienced in a place so far away from home. Argentina will help shape the men they will become.

Mikey Blanton, reflecting on the way home, learned something:

“We are lucky to have good plumbing and I never realized people in other countries had to do things like put toilet paper in a garbage can.”

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We all had time to reflect on the way home and shared similar sentiments. We were also very, very, very tired…


We would like to thank, again, our sponsors, friends, family members, coaches, school officials and teachers who helped make this magical journey happen. We are forever grateful. Muchos Gracias!

We would also like to thank “El Practico” — the greatest bus in all of the Southern Hemisphere! 😉

This series is sponsored by the generous support of Stratford Springs Family Restaurant.