OV Power Yoga’s New Class Offerings Build Compassion and Resiliency

As the world continues to experience the effects of the ongoing pandemic – one of the most traumatic global events we have endured as a collective – many have found themselves realizing just how important mental and emotional health are to our wellbeing. One local yoga studio is helping its patrons understand that in order to live optimally, we have to give attention not only to the physical work but learn how to mentally accept ourselves and embrace emotional healing as a BODY process. 

Laura Courtney, Boss Lady of OV Power Yoga, was led to explore this during the wake of COVID-19. As it did for so many others, the pandemic threw a wrench in her business plans as; there was a ton of struggle, confusion and many tears, she recounts. However, it was also an opportunity that led her to design a new approach to her work called “THE BODY.”

“THE BODY” is a 60-minute class that teaches people who to strengthen their communication channel with their bodies. Through guided breath-work, hot vinyasa flow and inspiring mantras, clients are given the tools to face life’s challenges with compassion and resiliency. 

“People show up crying, angry, lost, broken, tired, overwhelmed, frustrated or flat out depleted and we guide them straight into their body and out of their head so they can leave class feeling better then they did walking in the door,” said Courtney. “The impact that has on people’s lives is huge and we hear stories of triumph over chronic illness/pain, heartbreak and loss every week that our clients credit to back to doing yoga. It’s amazing to be a witness to it all.”

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Courtney came to create this new offering after reflecting on the work she has done to heal her own body through a combination of physical work, mental acceptance and emotional healing that is woven into a yoga class you’d expect to find in a big-city yoga studio. In January, Courtney will offer this class at OV Power Yoga in Elm Grove. 

“The best part is it resonates with people. They love it because it works and it heals and because they have been there too. It’s been a huge success and we’ve reached more people than I ever expected,” said Courtney. 

  • "THE BODY REBOOT" begins Monday, January 3 at the OV Power Yoga Studio in Elm Grove.

“THE BODY” method has been tested over the last six months through a variety of workshops, events, new class styles and partnerships. In 2022 they will have more opportunities for residents and visitors to roll out their yoga mat, get out of their heads and into their bodies with more class times, new styles, yoga teacher training, and their latest January challenge, “THE BODY REBOOT.”

While one would expect to find this innovative yoga studio in LA or NYC, their warm and inviting approach makes you feel right at home while the instructors at OV Power Yoga deliver an exceptional experience that guides people into feeling excited about their bodies. 

“It’s certainly not ‘fluffy’ and you’ll find hard work, a few swear words and instructors who get real with their students, but it’s one hell of a good time and we all feel better after,” says Laura Courtney. 

For more information on OV Power Yoga, to take classes or register for their January challenge, “THE BODY REBOOT”, visit www.ovpoweryoga.com.