Wheeling Park High School's 2019 Speech and Debate Team

Park Speech and Debate Team Brings Home 40th Win!

They did it again!

Wheeling Park High School’s team won the Overall Sweepstakes Trophy at the 2019 West Virginia Speech and Debate State Tournament — for the 40th year in a row.

The tournament took place Friday, March 22, and Saturday, March 23, at Marshall University.

Coaches for the team are Bill Cornforth, Kayla Nelson, Isabella Droginske and Brigitte Mazure.

Park students brought home the following awards:

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  • Luke Ochsenbein, first-place Prose Interpretation; first-place Informative Speaking
  • Adam Marquart, first-place Oral Interpretation of Literature; first-place Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation
  • Vance Mazure, first-place Broadcasting; first-place Poetry Interpretation; second-place Duo Interpretation
  • Tino Kayafas, first-place Program Oral Interpretation; first-place Original Oratory; third-place Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation
  • Morgan Marquart, first-place Impromptu Speaking; third-place (tie) Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Lillian Bischof, Top Speaker in Public Forum Debate, second-place Public Forum Debate; second-place Congressional Debate
  • Teresa Albert-Siebieda, Top Speaker Lincoln-Douglas Debate (tie); third-place Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Afton Aulick, fourth-place Broadcasting; second-place Oral Interpretation of Literature
  • Lydia Bischof, second-place Informative Speaking
  • Jillian Blair, third-place Impromptu Speaking
  • Tori Blanton, third-place Program Oral Interpretation
  • Collin Connor, third-place Public Forum Debate
  • Tyler Faulstick, third-place Prose Interpretation; second-place Duo Interpretation
  • Maria Goudy, second-place Impromptu Speaking
  • Jacqueline Heil, third-place Public Forum Debate
  • Alexis Hoskins, third-place (tie) Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Reese Kefauver, fourth-place Poetry Interpretation
  • Lydia Kellas, second-place Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation
  • Perry Maness, third-place Congressional Debate; fifth-place Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Lauren Marquart, second-place Extemporaneous Speaking; fifth-place Informative Speaking
  • Amanda McGovern, fourth-place Prose Interpretation; second-place Declamation
  • Marian Moss, second-place Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Lucia Perri, second-place Duo Interpretation
  • Ryan Quickel, third-place Poetry Interpretation
  • Faith Richter, second-place Original Oratory; second-place Duo Interpretation; fifth-place Program Oral Interpretation
  • Brenden Sands, second-place Public Forum Debate
  • Laura Tighe, fourth-place Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation
  • Tessa Ullom, third -place Declamation; fifth-place Prose Interpretation
  • Dailey Ward, third-place Oral Interpretation of Literature; fourth-place Declamation
  • Veda Wheeler, fourth-place Original Oratory
  • Paige Williams, second-place Broadcasting
  • Natalya Wood, sixth-place Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation
  • Additional students who contributed to the team: Nataya Bartlett, Daisy Reasbeck, Logan Annet and Adesh Urval
  • Speech and Debate Overall Sweepstakes: first-place