Partnering for Pride: Orrick Hosts 2021 “Pride in Wheeling Day”

Have you missed connecting in the community? If so, we have an opportunity for you to support both community service projects and LGBTQ+ Pride. Orrick is hosting its annual “Pride in Wheeling” day in just a few weeks.

What is Pride in Wheeling? Well, a group of staff and lawyers from Orrick has teamed up with the City of Wheeling, Ohio Valley Pride, Steptoe & Johnson, Wheeling Arts & Cultural Commission and NAMI to bring folks together around community improvement projects and a conversation about diversity.

This year’s event takes place at the Nelson Jordan Center in East Wheeling where local artists Mindi Yarbrough, Amanda Carney and Vondel Bell are coordinating on a community mural. It also includes a range of painting and beautification projects at the Center. The event will take place on Friday, June 11 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Local artist Mindi Yarbrough and the 2019 Orrick Pride in Wheeling Community Mural
Local artist Mindi Yarbrough and the 2019 Orrick Pride in Wheeling Community Mural.

Pride in Wheeling is not only an effort to enhance community engagement, but a forum for celebrating and promoting conversations around LGBTQ+ topics. In prior years, volunteers have planted flowers, painted community murals and contributed more than 150 service hours in one day on community projects.

Nick Roxby, leader of the Orrick Pride in Wheeling Committee, notes, “I’m excited to bring the event back in 2021. We really missed it in 2020 and we’re really looking forward to getting back to work in the community in new ways.”

Since the event’s inception, Mayor Elliot has proclaimed the date of the event as “Pride in Wheeling Day” citywide. The City of Wheeling is again supporting the event.

“We’re grateful for the ways in which the City of Wheeling, all of our volunteers, artists and partner organizations are showing up for Pride. It’s what makes all of our hard work and coordination worth the effort. This event is just one tiny piece of all the ways Orrick is partnering to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities,” says Nick.