ICYMI – Henry: The Life and Legacy of Wheeling’s Most Notorious Brewer

In Victorian-era Wheeling, West Virginia, a German-American brewer and entrepreneur would create a lasting impact that is still felt in the community today. From immigration to politics, industrialization to crime, take a step back in time as we look at Wheeling through the lens of Henry Schmulbach’s life. Brought to you by Wheeling Heritage Media and hosted by William Hal Gorby.

Henry podcast behind the scenes

Hal Gorby is a Teaching Associate Professor of History at West Virginia University whose work focuses on the immigration and working-class history of West Virginia and Appalachia in the late 19th and early 20th century.

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“Henry: The Life and Legacy of Wheeling’s Most Notorious Brewer” explores many aspects of Henry Schmulbach’s life, including his early years of entrepreneurship in Wheeling after he and his family immigrated from Germany, his purchase and ownership of Schmulbach Brewing Company, and his involvement in an altercation that led to Henry on trial for murder.  It also explores the larger history and atmosphere of Wheeling during the Gilded Era into Prohibition, through themes like industry, immigration, and corruption, as well as the legacy of Henry Schmulbach in Wheeling today. Murder, crime, and beer – pour yourself a glass and have a listen!

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Behind the Scenes

If you are thirsty for more about Henry Schmulbach and brewing, then check out the below videos for a more in-depth look at some of the topics discussed in the podcast.