Presenters Set For Friday’s ‘Leadercast’

The time is now, Chris Figaretti believes, for members of the Upper Ohio Valley community to begin preparing to lead the region into the future, and that is why he is encouraging citizens of all ages to attend “Leadercast” this Friday at the Vineyard Church in Wheeling.

“Leadercast” is a one-day leadership event that is not an official Vineyard Church function, but the event will be presented at the facility located along Warden Run near Oglebay Park. A series of presentations will be broadcast from Atlanta to over 700 sites all over the world, and more than 100,000 leaders will attend via technology.

The Vineyard Church will be the site for "Leadercast" this Friday. The facility is located along Warden Run Road near Oglebay.
The Vineyard Church will be the site for “Leadercast” this Friday. The facility is located along Warden Run Road near Oglebay.

“As a leader in Wheeling I am very optimistic about the future,” said Figaretti, the lead pastor at the Vineyard Church. “I believe we must now use the resources that we have so we can construct a fantastic foundation for the future.

“That’s exactly what ‘Leadercast’ is for this community – a resource,” he continued. “This area goes nowhere without leaders who are not involved for their own benefit but instead are involved to make our community a better place to live and work. That’s what it takes, and it cannot be selfish in nature. That’s not leading.”

“Leadercast” is set to begin this Friday morning at 8 a.m. at 647 Warden Run Road. The event will continue until 4:30 p.m., and lunch will be served. Individual admission is $89, and groups between five and nine people will be charged $69 per person, and group of 10 or more individuals will pay $59 per person. The day will be filled with leadership speakers from all over the world, including professional athletes, CEOs, authors, New York City Mayor Rudy Giullani, American veterans, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and the overall message will concern, “The Brave Ones.”


“This is a discussion that is fundamental for the future of Wheeling and this region,” Figaretti said. “It’s all about developing your skill set to be a leader of whatever it is you wish to lead. The goal is to help develop the leadership that will inherit today’s Wheeling tomorrow, and ‘The Brave Ones’ are those who have been brave enough to step forward to lead.

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“At this time I think we have great leaders in our community, but who is going to be next? That’s why this is going to be a high-impact day,” he said. “The people who choose to attend will benefit from the best leadership content that’s available anywhere.”

Figaretti said the “Leadercast” has won the support of several local organizations and private businesses. The sponsors are the Robinson Auto Group, W.A. Wilson Glass, Kohl’s, Audiology Doctors of Pennsylvania, Youth Services System, the Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley, the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce, the Family Wealth Management Group, I-Heart Radio, the Covenant Community Church, and the Vineyard Church.


“The reaction of our community has been very positive, and we are honored to have more sponsors than we initially thought we would be able to get. Those funds will go toward paying for many young people who are hoping to become leaders during their adult years,” Figaretti stated. “Leadership is not easy. Sure, there are times when being a leader can be a blast, but it is a very difficult thing to do for a lot of people and that’s where the bravery comes into play.

“We are looking forward to our sponsors bringing their teams to ‘Leadercast,” and we are hoping for more,” he said. “As of today (Tuesday), we have about 30 spots that are still open. At this point, we have 270 registered to attend, so I believe we will see a lot of positives within our community because of this one-day discussion.”

“Leadercast,” Figaretti explained, is for anyone looking to raise the bar with their leadership so they can inspire both the workforce and members of the community. The teleconference is for those in the business, education, government, non-profits, and even those who are younger but wish to lead in the coming years.

“If you think you can be a leader in any context, you will absolutely love this day,” he said. “It will immediately improve your performance no matter what sector you work in, and it will give a lot of things to think about as we move into the future.

“And this also is an opportunity for our local businesses to improve how they go about doing what they do to offer what they do here in our area,” Figaretti added. “The list of presenters is a very impressive list, and if this is like past years, it is going to be a wonderful experience for those in attendance.”

For more information, feel free to visit, or call 304-242-0463.

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