Renderings Unveiled for the Revitalized 1400 Market Block

 The City of Wheeling has released new exterior renderings for the 1400 Market Block project, providing a glimpse into the future of the historic location. The initiative was developed by Chip Desmone, CEO of Desmone and coordinated by real estate development consultant Tipping Point and is currently in the process of revitalization. 

“Desmone strives to be a catalyst for redevelopment and transformation throughout the region. We’ve been revitalizing neighborhoods similar to Downtown Wheeling for over 30 years, our Pittsburgh office building (Doughboy Square) and Lawrenceville can attest to that. We believe a high-energy, mixed-use redevelopment in the heart of Downtown Wheeling creates a place for locals and visitors to thrive. This project will be transformational for the community and the city, we are delighted to assist the City of Wheeling in transforming their downtown!”

Several key milestones have already been achieved. Temporary shoring has been put in place to ensure the structural stability of the building during the renovation process, debris and water-logged materials have been safely removed from the site, and asbestos remediation is almost complete. Additionally, the windows have been temporarily sealed with plywood and the team is currently assessing the roof structures in order to make repairs to prevent further water infiltration and damage. 

“We are thrilled about the progress being made on the 1400 Market Block project,” said Jim Ambrose, President at Tipping Point. “The stabilization effort was sparked by the City of Wheeling, Wheeling Heritage, and Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation (OVIBDC). This public-private partnership will serve as a model to help Wheeling and other cities in West Virginia preserve the historic charm of their most important downtown building assets, but also serve as a catalyst for change.  We’re hoping for a diverse array of tenants and believe this will be a truly transformative project.” 

City Manager Bob Herron commented, “This is a very impressive project that has taken several years to materialize, but I am excited that City Council selected Tipping Point as its lead developer. It is truly a collaborative public-private effort including city, community and private sector entities to revitalize this unique section of our downtown. When finished, not only is this going to be an excellent addition to the downtown, but it clearly is an economic development project led by private sector interest and investment in revitalizing our community.”

As part of the restoration process, the developer submitted their historic tax credit application in late March. This will help provide parameters and a roadmap to ensure the redevelopment plan maintains its historic character with modern building uses. 

The 1400 Market block has already attracted significant interest for its ground floor spaces, with potential tenants eager to contribute to the energy and vibrancy of the new Market Street. The development team is actively seeking tenants who can bring high community impact, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the area. Desmone has partnered with Century Realty, headquartered in Wheeling, to help find the right tenants that can provide the 18-hour activation to this area of downtown. 

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“The 1400 Market Block project offers prospective tenants an excellent opportunity to join a unique project. Tenants will not only benefit from the convenience and amenities of newly renovated space, but also experience the character and charm of historic architecture. Retail and office users will also benefit from the convenient Market Street location in the heart of downtown Wheeling, less than a block from the intermodal parking garage,” said John Aderholt, Principal at Century Realty.

Once completed, the renovated 1400 Market Block will breathe new life into Market Street, offering a vibrant mix of tenants that will contribute to the area’s revitalization and provide a much-needed boost to Wheeling’s downtown community.

About Tipping Point

Tipping Point is a commercial real estate developer that acts as a catalyst for real change by celebrating public funding, job creation, and community impact. By putting city officials and their constituents ahead of investments and ROI, we aim to unlock a neighborhood’s highest potential through real estate development. For areas that need revitalization, we believe the power to rebuild starts with the people and their representatives. More information is available at

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Century Realty is a commercial real estate brokerage firm with offices in Wheeling and Pittsburgh, specializing in retail, office, and industrial opportunities.  Century Realty is part of The Century Group, founded in 1984, with affiliates Century Equities (investment and development) and Century Hospitality (hospitality management).  Century’s diverse background in acquisitions, dispositions, and development provides its clients with the tools necessary to navigate commercial real estate projects with confidence and surety.