Romantic Wheeling Project: Silence Rings Out

Silence rings out

Along with the death of radiance,

I lay above and still

Listening to soft snores below.

As my eyes are forced shut,

A whistle cries out.

I turn myself to the noise

And look out afar.

Follansbee, I see,

Quite the scene,

Filled with industries and scenery

And of those I love.

You toot and trudge

Off to far off lands,

Yet you are dying

Much to my dismay.

You are grand and yearned for by me,

A symbol of majesty,

The essence of power,

Deserving of a more fulfilling existence here.

In the place that I call home,

Wheeling, you are no more.

In a time before mine though,

You visited my home.

The house trembled before you,

Children admired your metal exterior,

Your speed stupefied the mature,

And your existence caused the elderly to reminisce.

But because of another

Your brilliance was ripped away,

Your roots dug up,

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And taken way.

However, they were the only ones to blame,

Life within the town withered away,

Leaving empty shells within their wake.

Causing your domain to rot away.

Yet here I lay

In your embrace

And taken away

By your sweet ballad.

Perhaps you will stay for years for years to come

And here I’ll be

Next to you my darling steed

Forever until the end.

Now I will rest

To dream of home

Yet to me is not complete

Without your silvery songs.

Perhaps one day

You will return to Wheeling,

Lulling others with your grace

And rejuvenating Wheeling once again.


The Romantic Wheeling Project is a multi-genre place-based learning project where 12th grade Honors English students at Wheeling Park High School used themes of British Romanticism like Natural over Artificial, Emotion over Reason, and the Quest for Forbidden Knowledge to explore their emotional connection with The Friendly City that raised them. Students were to choose one landmark, neighborhood, or place in Wheeling to inspire their open form creative writing. The student wrote short stories, poems, songs, and played with other genres to express their connections and views of Wheeling through a Romantic lens.