Sign Up for the WheelHELP! Cleanup on Saturday

Weelunk’s staff has always encouraged its readers to get involved with their community, and this weekend there’s an excellent opportunity to do so. The WheelHELP! volunteer organization is hosting its first-ever event, a citywide litter cleanup in Wheeling. The event is intended to be quick and easy, yet make a noticeable impact on the city’s appearance.

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The cleanup will take place on Saturday, Nov. 12th, from 9:00 am to noon. All are welcome, but please register as soon as possible to help the organizers in planning the event.

It looks like the weather will be nice on Saturday- cool, but sunny. Hopefully Weelunk readers will turn out and help contribute to the event’s success. If picking up litter isn’t for you, the organizers will find an appropriate use of your skills.

See you on Saturday morning!