Special Gifts For Special People

There are some gifts that still need giving on this day, but these can only be offered through composition to place them perfectly in their lives.

With good will and kind wishes the many who follow have been included for a plethora of reasons, some obvious and some not, but be sure that each and every local resident listed below is a difference maker within our community. And they landed on the “Good List” because they are the kind of folks who seek to be a part of the overall solution instead of being a continued part of a problem that’s plagued the Wheeling area for far too long.

That problem is now fading, thankfully, and these folks are the reason.

These gifts are intentional but not really material. These gifts are offered because I believe they are deserved. Some readers may not understand the motivation for some of them, but those to whom they are given surely will.

Since it’s impossible to include everyone here, I’d like to wish all Weelunk readers a safe and most Merry Christmas!

So … HO! HO! HO!

Ezra Hamilton
Ezra Hamilton

Don Atkinson – A bag of Cheetos, some tighty whities, and a computer in a dark, dank basement for continued fun, damnit!

Becky Sancomb – A Mandarin-to-English dictionary.

Adam Mull – May 12th, Pittsburgh.

Chad Broadwater – Quarterbacks.

Susan Haddad – A “People” feature on Weelunk?

Diana Mey – Gratitude.

Jody Geese – More creek-front sandal-wearing times in January and February, too!

Mike Duplaga – Payback from neighbor Lee Paull for painting the Central Catholic logo on Lee’s flag football field.

Steve Bliss – Continued freedom.

Ezra Hamilton – That record.

Jody Miller – Opened ears and better decisions.

Stacey Creely – An extended summer.

Denny Magruder – Appreciation.

Bill Hanna – An improved film industry.

Jeff Yourkovich – A statewide voice about tax collection.

Bill & Susan Hogan – An easier evolution.

Dominick Cerrone – Viaggi di maggior successo per l’Italia.

Mark Nardone – Unconditional friendship.

Frank Longwell – A countdown, a splash, and a forgotten headache.

Paul & Missy Ashmore – A fiesta-time this holiday season!

Matt Coffland – Job creation.

Wil Turani
Wil Turani

Wil Turani – Another shot at another time.

Clint Landis – A lucrative deal with Rubbermaid.

Carl Carenbauer – His own “Mohawk mobile.”

Erika Donaghy – Believers.

Amy Blon – Another day, week, month, year …

Heather Slack – Many more basement treasures.

Del. Erikka Storch – Regular-session sanity.

Rocco Basil – A televised food show.

Dave & Laura Rotriga – Normality as reality.

John Looney – Veterans stepping forward and feeling proud.

James Guy – The opportunity to discover an American treasure.

Ken Peralta – A “real” Spring season.

Ozzie Hyde – Hungry people.

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Bennett McKinley – Project #2.

Glynis Board – Flight.

Dave Rotriga
Dave Rotriga

Peter Holloway – Living in the new Wheeling he’s always pushed as possible.

John Aderholt – More Emcee gigs because he’s really great at it.

Drage Flick – Patience.

Kim Loccisano – A new beat.

Jake Dougherty – A reinvention at Frank’s Hair Quarters.

Adam Weidner – Cameo appearance in Top Gun 2.

Mayor Andy McKenzie – Recognition.

Sarah Koegler – Resilience.

Bryan Minor – With one miracle in the books this year already, how about a year without the need for another?

Elizabeth Hofreuter-Landini – A redo of the 1985 Linsly Extravaganza.

Brad Leonard – Championships.

Jason Koegler – A statewide movement.

Frank O’Brien – Heads in beds, heads in beds …

Ozzie Hyde
Ozzie Hyde

Commissioner Orphy Klempa – The end of “Look Over Here!” politics.

Robert Gaudio – Fairness. It’s what he fights for every day.

Greg Stewart – A mobile office.

Bobby Tschappat Jr. – No. 7, baby.

Del. Shawn Fluharty – A new jingle everyone will sing when he enters a room.

Dr. John McCollough – A continued presence on the hilltop campus he adores.

Melissa Hartle – A healthy baby and more Harp gigs.

Bob Herron – Earmuffs – and not for the cold weather.

Christine Thomas – More “Thank yous” directed her way.

Jim Frio – A strong MMA industry in West Virginia.

Misty Klug – A few more leisure suits for her husband.

Debbie Joseph – As many days as possible with Kylie Jo.

Lou Vargo – As much on-the-job peace during the next two months as he’s experienced the past two months.

Susie Nelson – A flawless healing process.

Jeff Tappe – More original music from “Smokedaddy!”

James Thorton – A sold-out inventory.

Tom Burgoyne – His story in black and white.

Craig White – A lodge.

Raina Burke – A button to wear to work that reads, “It’s not the flu.”

Mike Young
Mike Young

Mike Young – Proper inductions.

Adrian Niles – A sold-out “Supermoon.”

Tim Bishop – More Community Park festivals throughout the year in Bethlehem.

George Kellas – A safe trip.

Justin Seibert – A new movie about Wheeling’s Google master.

Lara Graves – Juggling lessons.

Tammy Kruse – Compassionate people.

Liz Stephens – To my friend, Liz, I can only say, “Merry Christmas.”

And …

Howard Monroe – Official “Weelunker” status.

(Photos by Steve Novotney)