Winter Freeze Shelter to Close March 15, Looking for Donations of Tents, Sleeping Bags

Friday, March 15, is the final night of the 2018-19 season for the Winter Freeze Shelter operated at 87 15th St., the headquarters of Youth Services System Inc.

The Winter Freeze Shelter offers overnight shelter for people who are homeless and have no other place to go. It runs 90 consecutive nights each year Dec. 15-March 15.

“We have seen nearly 200 different individuals come through our doors this season, the most we’ve had in our nine years here. We want to thank first and foremost our donors who make this life-saving service possible. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to our staff, volunteers, food donors, neighbors, police and fire personnel,” YSS CEO John Moses said.

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As the shelter winds down, YSS is seeking donations to provide tents and sleeping bags to guests who will be braving the elements after March 15. One-person tents and sleeping bags for 30 degrees are optimal. Other needs include warm socks, gloves, tarps, thermal underwear and hand warmers. Monetary donations designated for the Winter Freeze Shelter will be used for these items.

For more information, call YSS at 304-233-9628 or send a message through the YSS Facebook page. To purchase items from an Amazon wish list, visit the Amazon site.