Summertime Beer

In the words of Will Smith, “Summer, Summer, Summertime…time to sit back and unwind.” That’s exactly what we plan to do…with a beer in hand, of course! Knowing that there are handfuls of summer brews on the market, we are going to hit on a few of our favorites. Read below about various summertime suds that are perfectly suitable for a cookout, pool party, or just a refresher after cutting the grass.

Goose Island Summer Ale – It’s back! Goose Island discontinued their summer ale for a year, but brought it back in 2015 due to popular demand. (We contributed to that ‘demand’.) Summer Ale is a light-bodied session ale with fresh orange aroma. Brewed with hops from Elk Mountain Farms, it is crisp, easy drinking and endlessly refreshing. Color: Wildflower Honey; Hops: Amarillo; Style: Session Ale; ABV: 5.0%; IBU: 35; Goose Summer will be replacing Goose 10 Hills seasonal beer at Kroger Moundsville and Woodsdale, Marathon on Washington Ave and Woodsdale, and Gumby’s in Elm Grove. You can also find a Summer Ale in the Goose Island samplers at Krogers.


Yuengling Summer Wheat – 2014 was the introductory year for Yuengling’s new seasonal. Summer Wheat is brewed with a combination of wheat and barley malts, Hallertau hops and authentic Bavarian-style top fermenting yeast to deliver a thick, creamy head with overtones of banana and clove esters. Color: Golden Hazy; Style: Hefeweizen; ABV 4.6%. Summer Wheat is enjoyed best with cheese, seafood, poultry, and salad. Check out for an amazing recipe of Summer Wheat Shrimp Tapas – YUM! Yuengling newest seasonal can be found at multiple grocery and convenient stores and gas stations in the area. Enjoy a draft at TJ’s and Wild Wild West.

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Shock Top Lemon Shandy – When you think of summer brews, there’s almost always a Shandy that comes top of mind. But just like the lemon wedge that sports a Mohawk, Shock Top puts a unique spin on the classic Shandy that makes it distinctly different than the rest. Brewed with two row and six row malted barley and five different types of hops, this Belgian-Style Wheat Ale is then combined with citrus peels, coriander, natural lemonade flavor and a hint of sugar for a subtle sweetness. The end result is an incredibly refreshing, crisp and smooth beer that hits the spot. ABV: 4.2%. Shock Top Lemon Shandy can also be found at numerous stores in the area.


Bud Light Lime Lemon-Ade-Rita – This is not a typical beer, but you gotta love a new Rita and Lemonade-Rita has quickly become a fan favorite! Bud Light Lime Lemon-Ade-Rita has the great taste of a lemon margarita with a twist of Bud Light Lime for a delightfully refreshing finish. With Bud Light Lime-Ritas, there’s no need to spend time mixing and blending to prepare a lemon-flavored beer margarita. Just pop open, pour over ice and enjoy! You just can’t beat that! For a simple taste, Krogers sell Ritas by the single 8oz can. It can also be purchased by a 12 pack and 25oz can, or part of an 18 pack Mix-A-Rita in a variety of stores throughout the valley.

It this hasn’t made you thirsty, I’m not sure what it will take! The warm weather has arrived, so open the windows and crack open a summer brew! Sit back and “cheers” to the summer!