Surveys of Dimmeydale and Elm Grove to Begin

Betsy Sweeny
Director of Heritage Programming
Wheeling Heritage

WHEELING, W.Va. – Nov. 13, 2020 – The neighborhoods of Elm Grove and Dimmeydale are being surveyed to determine if they qualify to become nationally recognized historic districts. Wheeling Heritage has selected Heritage Architectural Associates of Wheeling to complete two surveys of the neighborhoods.

These surveys were recently put out to bid after Wheeling Heritage discovered the potential for historic districts in the neighborhoods. The Dimmeydale neighborhood will undergo an intensive survey aiming to document all the structures in the small area, while the Elm Grove survey will be a broader analysis of the area to identify specific sections of the neighborhood for further study.

Elm Grove
National Road in Elm Grove.

This project is made possible through Survey and Planning Grants from the State Historic Preservation Office, provided to Wheeling Heritage in partnership with the Wheeling Historic Landmarks Commission.

“Both of these neighborhoods are important in Wheeling’s history. Elm Grove ties back to the National Road, but both areas were extremely important during the mid-20th century,” said Betsy Sweeny, Wheeling Heritage Director of Heritage Programming.

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The purpose of the surveys is to collect the information needed to have the districts listed on the National Register. Being a designated historic district does not impose any restrictions on individual property owners, but it does allow them to qualify for certain incentives.

“There is no downside,” Sweeny explained.  “Being part of a historic district is like a badge of honor. It shines a positive light on a community and it opens the door for preservation incentives.”

Wheeling Heritage expects the surveying process to be completed in the spring. Once the areas have been surveyed, the results of that survey will determine whether or not a district nomination should be pursued and will provide much of the content for that nomination.

About Wheeling Heritage:

Wheeling Heritage

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