The Capitol of Entertainment

Star studded night

The searchlights shine brightly

It’s entertainment that I need

Up on the billboard, the title glitters

Wheeling’s own Broadway show

The walk of fame full of music stars

The time they spent in the town

The stage lit up, B.E. Taylor’s love

Its broken history

As the rain flowed through the air

River rising above the chairs

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Ravaged and torn — Brought back to life

The passion of the people’s love

Will never wave, for it is too strong

The steel and stone and grand stature

The weight of repair to mend and show the lights

Once more.

A Song by Mason Bebo

The Romantic Wheeling Project is a multi-genre place-based learning project where 12th grade Honors English students at Wheeling Park High School used themes of British Romanticism like Natural over Artificial, Emotion over Reason, and the Quest for Forbidden Knowledge to explore their emotional connection with The Friendly City that raised them. Students were to choose one landmark, neighborhood, or place in Wheeling to inspire their open form creative writing. The student wrote short stories, poems, songs, and played with other genres to express their connections and views of Wheeling through a Romantic lens.