The Wheeling Feeling – A Poem

Poem - Suspension Bridge

The Wheeling Feeling..


“The Friendly city” so it’s called,

Along the Ohio River it lays sprawled.

Nestled in the hills where so few know,

If you blink you’ll miss it, though.


It’s a city just being born again,

And yet old world charm it still retains.

The streets fill with history and art,

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As young and old alike help take part.


What was that saying about birds of a feather?

Sure is beautiful when people come together.

Working with each other to help their city shine,

The City of Wheeling – right on the state line.


I called Wheeling home for a short time,

I miss it now, and it makes my heart chime.

I hope That someday I’ll return here,

But for now I’m just a reminiscing sightseer..


Written by MJM – 9.4.15