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Up For A Run?

Are you interested in running this New Year? Need help staying motivated?

A new running group has formed in Wheeling and is looking for fellow runners to grow the group and help inspire others to get outside and run.

The group meets every Wednesday at 6 pm and Saturday at 9am in front of the Wheeling Coffee Shop on Washington Avenue. The group is organized by Heather Wells and her fiancée Jackie Sexton. The two hope to help spur along a greater running community in the Ohio Valley.

“There are so many fantastic runners in this area but there are no active groups and few events to bring us all together.” says Wells. “I think a more identifiable running community would be a positive thing for this city and for the people of this area.”

It is an open group and is totally free, one just needs to show up and run. They plan to have a variety of distances, workouts, and paces at each run.

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“Everyone can benefit from better health and running is a fantastic way to get healthy”, says Wells. “I have been running since 2012 when I wanted to find a way to lose weight (I did, 70 pounds actually). I started run/walking with a friend and just never stopped. I signed up for my first 5K that year and then my first full marathon the next year and haven’t stopped since.”

Wells openly admits she knew nothing about running when she started, other than to just suck it up and put one foot in front of the other. She provides the following advice for anyone looking to take on running as their resolution for the New Year. “Start out slowly, do a little reading and research. Find yourself a pair of sturdy running shoes, but don’t sweat the gear. More important than anything is to commit to setting aside some time to run, even if just for a few minutes.”