I visited with my friend Charles today and while I was there a lady referred to him as a, ‘Superhero’ … He said, ‘I am?’ And she replied, ‘Yes, you are.’ … That’s when he looked at me and said, ‘I gotta get out of here so I can get back on the streets.’

‘Soon enough,’ I told him. … Charles is under great care and he’s cooperating just fine. How long he is in the hospital all depends on the healing process but he is expected to be fine over time. …

When we posted the call for prayers last night the response was overwhelming.  Over 750 of you commented on Weelunk’s Facebook page with words of encouragement and prayers for good health.

Truly Amazing!

Both Charles, myself and our staff at Weelunk thank you all for your prayers and please continue.

-Steve Novotney

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  1. Shelly Ray

    God sends Angels, and messengers, in many forms.. I believe Charles is one of those, that God put in our path, to teach us what a truly humble heart is.. and to see how one can effect so many lives, just by being “good”.. I love this legendary man, and have the utmost respect for the “good in him”.. he is blessed, and blesses many. I remember him from my childhood days, all the way throught the first 40 years of my life, until I moved away from the valley. He is iconic, for sure! My prayers are with you, always, Charles.. You are serving your purpose in this life, that God has chosen for you.. it’s evident. Thank you, for being you. 🙂 <3

  2. Anonymous

    God Bless You Charles! I miss seeing you at the post office. I miss the talks we use to have. You always make me smile ! Hurry and get well!!!

  3. patty robertson

    I have a lot of respect for Charles I think he is a very nice and polite gentleman, I will continue to pray for Charles, till I see him out riding his bike again. hurry up and get well you are to nice to be sick. may god bless you always. all my best, from patty Robertson.

  4. Wanda

    Praying for a speedy recovery! This will be my Grandson’s first time to play in the parade. He’s in the Sherard Middle School Band!! So you have to be there too!! GOD Bless you for all you do!!!

  5. Debbie

    My prayers are with you Charles to get well soon. Can’t wait to see your smile in Downtown Wheeling again. God bless you ? ?? ?

  6. maggie

    We never know when a friend is down but,God does and He gets the word out. Speedy recovery moon doggy. My kids love you in the Christmas parade. So hurry up and get to your post its getting closer. Be blessed and more prayers coming your way.

  7. RS

    May God bless you with healing and health, Charles. We miss seeing you on the streets. It makes me feel safer when I know you are looking out for us.

  8. Judy Beckett

    Get well very soon.I used to work at 711night turn and you would always be there sitting in the store on a milk thing and you would go outside with me when I would do the parking lot.you would help.Then when morning would come and my shift would be over you would leave and be back at night.I always felt safe at work when you was there 🙂 Thank you so much.Get well soon God bless..

  9. Diana Voltz

    Prayers for an amazing man I grew up in East Wheeling so I have known Charles for a very long time and I that we has a fast recovery take care moon dog you have so many who miss out on the NB streets and who love you especially the kids

  10. Mike

    Thanks Charles for everything you do.YES you’re definitely a super hero,.you’ll never know how many people that look upto you nor how many you’ve helped.you’ve touched so very many if not physically,you’ve touched their hearts! Speady recovery my friend and God bless and protect our Super Hero !

  11. Patty Mounts Catlett

    My prayers are heading to Charles for a complete healthy recovery as soon as possible. I never thought growing up that Charles would be loved by so many but he is. I’m borned and raise in Wheeling grew up in East Wheeling and have high respect for Charles he’s definitely icon in the city. What other person could end up being honored Hockey team his own Bobble head doll well not many. The people who are mean to him steals his things and calls him horrible names are nothing more in the eyes of those of us who love Charles well we see you as nothing more than a sick parasite. You don’t even deserve to to breathe thr same air Charles breathe I know for one I could of never live the life Charles has lived and survives. It takes a special person to survive the way Charles has and even more special person to have a whole city love and respect you. It also takes a special person to help so many others expecting nothing in return. So Charles I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care friend.

  12. Danny McNickle

    I’ve really enjoyed your Weelunk site for some time now. It’s both entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work!!!

  13. Malinda Wells

    Charles is a good man he used to make sure my aunts got home safe from neelys when they worked there….Charles has my respect and gratitude…Prayers heal fast my dear sir……

  14. Debbie Joseph

    Get well soon, Charles! You are missed in the great City of Wheeling! And thanks, Steve, for the update on how Charles is doing.

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