Waldrum has experienced a most difficult month of March, losing a sister and a brother in a three-day span.

Update: Prayers Working for Charles

I visited with my friend Charles today and while I was there a lady referred to him as a, ‘Superhero’ … He said, ‘I am?’ And she replied, ‘Yes, you are.’ … That’s when he looked at me and said, ‘I gotta get out of here so I can get back on the streets.’

‘Soon enough,’ I told him. … Charles is under great care and he’s cooperating just fine. How long he is in the hospital all depends on the healing process but he is expected to be fine over time. …

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When we posted the call for prayers last night the response was overwhelming.  Over 750 of you commented on Weelunk’s Facebook page with words of encouragement and prayers for good health.

Truly Amazing!

Both Charles, myself and our staff at Weelunk thank you all for your prayers and please continue.

-Steve Novotney