WALS Foundation Will Host “Jobs First Agenda” Community Discussion Series

Starting Thursday, September 7 at 7 pm, the WALS Foundation will present: The “Jobs First Agenda” Community Discussion Series at the First State Capitol at 1413 Eoff Street in Wheeling.
This free program series will explore a new economic narrative based on the fundamental idea that anyone who wants to work should have the right to a living wage job. From that starting point, we will explore whether and how we can we collaborate, locally, regionally, and nationally, to create a nonpartisan Philosophy of Action that can facilitate the pursuit of a Just Economic life for all Americans.
Community and expert panelists for each class in the series will be announced at the first session on September 7. Each class will address how a Jobs First Agenda might impact the topics listed, and each discussion will begin at 7 PM on the following Thursday evenings:
Sept. 7: “IF AND HOW?” Exploring a New Narrative
Sept. 14: Deficits and a Simplified Tax Code
Sept. 21: Infrastructure Repair and Coal Jobs
Oct. 5: Climate Change and a New Energy Economy
Oct 19: War and Global Terrorism
Oct. 26: Immigration and Refugee Woes
Nov. 2: Racial Tensions and Gender Inequality
Nov. 16: Drug addiction and Opioid Abuse
Nov. 30: Rebuilding and Revitalizing Communities
Dec. 7: Revolutionizing Education
The WALS Foundation is a non-profit community organization established in 2004 to promote educational programming and consulting in the areas of education, employment, local history and preservation, energy, and the environment; and, in doing so, to promote local economic opportunity, employment, and job creation in the city of Wheeling and state of West Virginia.
Visit the WALS Facebook events page, send an email to Sean Duffy at spd@walslaw.com, or call 304-232-8100 for more information on the Jobs First Agenda Community Discussion series.