Wee Asked Charlotte Karges

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Charlotte Karges is not from the Ohio Valley, but she certainly has adopted it as her own. She’s contributed much to the arts and culture of her town by serving on various boards and opening a gallery that features beautiful paintings, jewelry, clothing, purses, pottery and many more eclectic items by talented artists.

Charlotte Karges in front of her gallery.


A native of Point Pleasant, W.Va., she met her husband, Wheeling native Craig Karges, while attending Marshall University and moved to Wheeling in 1982. For years, Charlotte traveled and booked Craig as a mentalist all over the United States.

She has been an antiques dealer for over 25 years, and four years ago, opened her storefront gallery, Etc. Gallery, at 1155 National Road in Wheeling.


Charlotte has a bachelor’s degree in education from Marshall and her master’s degree in communication studies from West Virginia University. She is a board member of the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts. She is a member and past chair of the Oglebay Mansion Museum Committee and a former board member of Oglebay Institute and of the Wheeling Symphony Society.

You’ll likely find her at Wheeling Symphony and Oglebay Institute events, as both are close to her heart — or digging in the dirt in her yard!

Here is what Charlotte answered when WEEasked:

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What upcoming events are you most looking forward to attending?

The new Crosscurrents show just opened at Oglebay Institute and it is great as usual, it will be up for a month. I am looking forward to the Summer Concert Series at Oglebay Park. I love taking a picnic dinner and listening to the music at the amphitheater on Sunday evenings. Of course, I look forward to the events leading up to the BluesFest and the BluesFest, Aug. 10-12 (I never miss it)!

Tell us something that would surprise Weelunk readers about you?

I love getting dirty in the yard! My perfect day is spent outside from sunup to sundown, planting, weeding and digging in the dirt.

Where do you take out-of-town visitors?

Oglebay Park — it’s so beautiful and unique. Good Mansion Wines — an incredible selection, wonderful ambiance and fantastic food as well. Definitely not something you would expect to find in a small town.

What book is on your nightstand or e-reader right now?

None! I’m wading through my mags!

Brunch or dinner? Which is your favorite meal out? Why?

Dinner. Although I do love a good brunch especially if it comes with unlimited mimosas!

What is your wish for Wheeling?

Wheeling is an amazing town. Wonderful schools, an unbelievable park system, and the people are fantastic. I’d like to see more development downtown. More opportunities to eat, drink and shop. My wish is that the community would really realize how special Wheeling is. I hope the community will get behind the city — Oglebay Institute, the symphony, the park system, the waterfront concerts and activities. Those people who say there isn’t anything to do aren’t taking advantage of all the great things we have here in the valley. We need to be proud of our city and support it.

Charlotte Karges, with friends Christin Byrum, left, Peter Junkersfeld and Maren Presutti, right.