Weelunk and the Election

The election season has arrived, and there are many races on the docket that feel influential to the future of Wheeling, our region and our state.  Weelunk.com launched in November of 2014, three days before the last big election, and we were too busy focusing on Moondog and DiCarlo’s to begin thinking of how we were going to handle ourselves in such times.  Well, here’s how we are going to do it:

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We will offer an interview to all candidates in each race, and will ask them identical questions.  We will not endorse candidates, but instead serve as a neutral source of information so that the voters have what they need to make informed decisions on their own.  Having said that, we will serve as a platform for advertising for anyone who is interested, both for our financial sustainability and as a resource to candidates who are interested in reaching a diverse demographic of voters.  Here are the type of advertisements that you can expect to see: advertorials, (articles written to advance a candidate’s position that are paid for by candidates and are identified as such vs. regular Weelunk articles), and traditional advertisements that you see on the site, and again identified as “paid for by….”  Again, it is important to note that when you come across one of these, this is not a Weelunk endorsement of a candidate, this is strictly advertising.

If you are a candidate or someone who is helping with a campaign, here are some analytics to help in you decide whether to advertise on Weelunk.