Weelunk Contributor Honored as “History Hero”

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  1. Earl Nicodemus

    Thank you for posting such a nice story about me! Before a few weeks ago, I never heard of a “History Hero” award. Putting my name in for such an honor was all the doing of George Livingston and Gary Timmons from the Ebenezer Zane Chapter of the SAR and the West Liberty Historical Society. When it comes to preserving our history, the folks from the SAR are the real heroes. I don’t think that enough people realize how much they do to make sure that the graves of the men and women who put their lives on the line to build and preserve our country are not lost. Their chapter has placed several markers on the graves of the veterans at the old West Liberty Cemetery including the graves of two black Civil War veterans who are buried there. Thanks to them and our West Liberty Historical Society President Ruth Caldwell, I have gotten a lot of media coverage, but they and the other people like them are the real history heroes. – Earl

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