Weelunk Weekender

Wow, it’s almost upon us already. I’m still nursing my wounds from slithering onto the top of the Table Rock last weekend, and now I have to start preparing for the debauchery this weekend. It’s going to be a busy one, too.

Oglebay Institute Board Benefit

I’ve been going to these for at least five years, partly because my mother-in-law volunteers as a bartender at them, and I get to boss her around for one night a year. But also, this is one of those parties that I think makes Wheeling truly great; our community is small enough that I will probably already know 25 percent of the people there. That percentage would be a lot higher if I were a bit more extroverted. But anyway, the beautiful thing is that if I strike up a conversation with any of the other 75 percent, we are pretty much guaranteed to have some sort of connection. Our wives work together, they live in my old house, and I went skinny-dipping in their pool in high school. You know that the sort of thing that makes for great conversation.
It’s also interesting because the Mansion is opened up a lot more than usual. I try to dress like I’m Old Money, then sweep in through the front door as if I’m Earl W. Oglebay’s close personal friend. It’s a wonderful setting, and with food and drink everywhere you turn, you won’t be disappointed.
Friday at 6:30 at the Mansion Museum. Buy your tickets here.

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Oglebay Good Zoo Benefit Car, Truck, & Motorcycle Show

This is one of my favorite local car shows. The setting is just perfect, with lots of shady trees and green grass. It’s also a marathon, stretching from Friday morning until Sunday evening, so there’s no excuse for not making it there for at least a little while.
Starts Friday at 8 a.m. at Site One at Oglebay (near the zoo).

Dragon Boat Wheeling

You had me at “Dragon.” I don’t know exactly what to expect here because I don’t think anything like it has ever happened in Wheeling. I do know that I expect it to be awesome, and I expect my team to win even though we’re a bunch of bungling fools who can’t even come up with a name or plan an after-party. But I do hear that there might be some some serious competition out there, including people who have actually paddled a boat before. Don’t miss this one, even just as a spectator.
Russell laid it out for us here on Weelunk.
Proceeds benefit the King’s Daughters Child Care Center. Races start Saturday at 8:30 a.m. at  Heritage Port.


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