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Weelunk’s Favorite WV Podcasts

Whether you want to learn about history, indulge in true crime stories, or hear what your favorite local entertainers have been up to, there’s a podcast for it! With many of us spending more time at home this year, podcasts have been a way for us to connect to information and entertainment in a fun, easily-accessible format. Even before the pandemic, West Virginia was home to a variety of entertaining podcasters. We’ve compiled a list of podcasts that are produced right here in the Mountain State that we think you’ll enjoy while you cook, exercise, or are on the go. Happy listening!

Inside Appalachia

By WV Public Broadcasting

Genre: Society & Culture


Featuring a mix of interviews and narrative storytelling, Inside Appalachia covers a wide variety of topics that are significant to the cultural landscape of West Virginia and the greater Appalachian area. From history, to food, to major issues currently influencing our culture, this podcast keeps you in touch with all things Appalachia.


By Noble Mountaineer Media

Genre: News

Format: Conversational/Co-hosted


Dealing with serious topics like mental health in Appalachia, or politics that impact the region, Appodlachia isn’t afraid to tackle things head on. That being said, there is a more lighthearted side to this podcast, which sometimes takes a break to talk about things like Mothman and other cryptids.

Henry: The Life and Legacy of Wheeling’s Most Notorious Brewer

By Wheeling Heritage Media

Genre: History

Format: Storytelling/Interview


Produced by Wheeling Heritage Media, our podcast takes a deep dive on Henry Schmulbach, a German brewer in Wheeling, whose life touched on important themes in the city, including immigration, politics, industrialization and crime. Whether you’re interested in Wheeling, brewing, or just people with fascinating life stories, we think you’ll enjoy the story of Wheeling’s most notorious brewer.

Clientele Presents: Appalachian Sound and Color

Genre: Art & Music

Format: Interview


Presented by Clientele Art Studio in Wheeling, this podcast features interviews with Appalachian creatives about their experience living and growing up in Appalachia. How has it affected their art? Why do they choose to stay? The perfect podcast for those interested in the creative side of West Virginia and beyond.

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Will Wallace
Will Wallace is owner of Clientele Art Studio in Wheeling. The studio’s mission is to give local artists a place to display art. During the year, they host various events to support the arts. (Photo provided by Corey Knollinger)

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

By The McElroy Family

Genre: Comedy/Advice

Format: Conversational/Co-hosted


While not necessarily about West Virginia, this immensely popular comedy advice podcast is brought to you by Huntington, WV natives – the McElroy brothers. They read all manner of listener-submitted questions and discuss the best possible solutions, but as the opening of the show states, “The McElroy brothers are not experts, and their advice should never be followed.”

American Scandal

By Wondery

The Hare Krishna Murders Series

Genre: True Crime

Format: Storytelling


Starting with the Hare Krishna movement’s arrival in the United States, this podcast series follows the misguided devotee who would eventually found New Vrindaban and the Palace of Gold, in Marshall County, West Virginia. While Hare Krishna was expanding in popularity, even being associated with the Beatles at one point, the peaceful message of Hare Krishna would be abused by specific followers of the movement in an attempt to gain power and notoriety. This would all culminate with a string of violent crimes set in motion in the small community just outside of Moundsville.

The WVU Co-Ed Murders

Produced by Kromatic Media

Genre: True Crime

Format: Storytelling/interview


This podcast looks back at the true story of two West Virginia University students who went missing in January of 1970, only for their bodies to be discovered three months later. By using documented accounts and interviewing people who had involvement in the incident, Kromatic Media tries to piece together what really happened, and who was responsible.

West Virginia Beer Roads

By Charles Bockway

Genre: Lifestyle/Hobbies

Format: Conversational/Interview


If you’re interested in the business of brewing, or want some insight on which WV craft beer you should try next, then this is the podcast for you. Co-hosts Erin and Charles travel throughout West Virginia visiting breweries and speaking with those involved with the craft beer culture.

Did we miss any? Comment below to share your favorite WV-based podcast!