Wheeling Downtown

West Virginia Community Can Discover Recovery in a Judgement Free Zone

Wheeling, W Va. – The Community Impact Coalition and partners are hosting Discover Recovery as a virtual event on May 21, from 2:30 – 5 pm. The event will be held live on Zoom and streamed to the Community Impact Coalition Facebook page. This event is for those with addiction and/or their families. Individuals with drug or alcohol dependency often need services long before they are “ready” or “willing” to accept help. Discover Recovery’s purpose is to provide advanced resources and the opportunity to pre-plan for a person with addiction. The full spectrum of help will be offered; from detox, to treatment & through recovery. Resources will be available to address potential barriers that can deter a person from entering treatment. Help & support resources for family and friends of those struggling will also be available! It is a judgement-free zone with substance abuse help, resources, and information.

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    • Detox and/or medical withdraw management
    • Treatment options (intensive outpatient program, medication-assisted treatment, inpatient)
    • Recovery services and support groups
    • Resources to help family members and friends
    • Resources to address barriers or special populations
    • Break-out rooms for question and answer sessions with vendors
    • Please email mpscott@ysswv.com to access the Zoom link or view it live from the Community Impact Coalition Facebook page.

For more information: Marisa Scott at mpscott@ysswv.com or 304-233-2045 or Mary Hess at theunitycenter4all@gmail.com 304-232-3888. All media is welcome to attend the event!