Artwork by Jes Davis.

West Virginia Day is Right Around the Corner, Celebrate at this Art Exhibit

Wheeling’s art scene is set to receive a fresh perspective with the exhibit opening of the Wheeling Alphabet Project on West Virginia Day. The gallery will feature the alphabet as Wheeling iconography, showcasing the city’s unique identity through a creative and innovative lens. 

In February, Wheeling Heritage challenged readers and Wheeling lovers to complete a survey to choose which Wheeling iconography should be included in the project. This survey received more than 300  submissions. With the input of the community, the Wheeling Alphabet was developed with a focus on unique parts of Wheeling’s history and culture. 

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The exhibit will include works from 26 local artists, all exploring the theme of the alphabet in Wheeling. Visitors can expect to see a range of mediums, including oil paintings, watercolor, and digital installations. The exhibition promises to be a celebration of the city’s history, culture, and creativity, and a must-visit for anyone interested in contemporary art and Wheeling’s unique character. Participating artists include:

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  • Allison Byrne
  • Amanda Carney
  • Andrea Dubiel
  • Anne H. Foreman
  • Betsy Cox
  • Brian Fencl
  • Elizabeth Patterson
  • Giovanna Loccisano
  • Harriet Parsons
  • Janet Hart
  • Janet Sheehan
  • Jes Davis
  • Jessica Taylor
  • Jody Wharton
  • Katie Nan
  • Lillian Wood
  • Logan Schmitt
  • Lucas Dzmura
  • Luke Novel
  • Madison Tingler
  • Mat Robinson
  • Mel Jeffcoat
  • Mindi Yarbrough
  • Patricia Jeffers
  • Rachel Edinger
  • Sherrie Mestrovic

“Wheeling has some beautiful landscapes and features, that coupled with talented artists will bring to life a  piece of art that was conceived by the community,” said Scott Schenerlein, executive director for Wheeling  Heritage. “Wheeling Heritage is grateful to those that made suggestions and ideas that brought this to  life. It’s always our goal to get the community invested and this project will certainly show off the friendly  city in a fun way!” 

Wheeling Heritage invites you to celebrate West Virginia Day at the opening of their special pop-up art exhibition on Tuesday, June 20 from 5 – 8 p.m. on the third floor of the Wheeling Artisan Center. Light refreshments will be provided. Original artwork will be available for purchase from the artists, as well as the completed Wheeling Alphabet poster and merchandise. The artwork will remain on display through the end of June. 

This project is made possible by Wheeling Heritage with help from Wheeling resident, Pat Jeffers. This program is presented with financial assistance from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, and the National Endowment for the Arts, with approval from the West Virginia Commission of the Arts. 

To see what artists participated and learn more about this gallery, visit