West Virginia Executive to Celebrate Wheeling

West Virginia Executive (WVE) is a business magazine based in Charleston, WV, that works to highlight business in the Mountain State. As the state’s premier business publication for more than 16 years, WVE wants to promote community efforts to foster growth and business development.

One burgeoning community that exemplifies the hard work, focus and dedication to revitalization is Wheeling, which has seen countless community projects take hold in an effort to beautify, populate and drive business and tourism.

In the fall of 2014, WVE traveled to Wheeling to talk with Glenn Elliott {http://www.wvexecutive.com/downtown-wheeling-intentional-place/}, a local community leader who is literally investing in the downtown revitalization efforts. During the annual “All We Need is Love” event hosted by the Wheeling Young Preservationists, Elliott purchased The Professional Building, a historic structure and local landmark with striking architectural features. He fell in love with the building, exactly the reaction the event was intended to cause, and began renovating it immediately. During the process, he moved into The Professional Building and now calls downtown Wheeling his home. He hopes—along with many of his friends in the former steel town—that their work will catch on and lead to even more booming business.

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The Winter 2015 issue of WVE included a special Wheeling section, focusing on businesses that make Wheeling a unique and diverse business environment. From the historic preparatory school in Linsly to the technology experts at Direct Online Marketing, Wheeling has a lot to offer.

In recognition of a community on the fast track to success, WVE is celebrating Wheeling on March 31 at The Pointe Steak and Sea at Wheeling Island Racetrack and Casino. Wheeling has been an amazing partner to West Virginia Executive, and the reception will serve both as a thank-you and as a spotlight for the amazing businesses and leaders in the area. Everyone is welcome, and those interested in attending should contact Kensie Hamilton Fauber at (304) 941-0600