Wheeling Arts & Cultural Commission to Host Downtown Holiday Decorating Contest

To promote commerce and vibrancy in downtown Wheeling during the holiday season, the Wheeling Arts & Cultural Commission will host its inaugural Downtown Storefront Decorating Contest.

Wheeling Arts Cultural Commission Downtown Storefront Decorating Contest Poster“We often hear people reminisce about Stone & Thomas or the L. S. Good displays from Wheeling’s past. We felt this was a great opportunity to bring some of that sentiment back,” said Betsy Sweeny, Wheeling Arts and Cultural Commission member and leader of the contest.

“Slowly but surely, our downtown storefronts are coming back to life, and we hope this helps to showcase that progress. Even the Kauffman’s building is planning to decorate, thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers,” she added.

Downtown businesses are encouraged to decorate their storefronts in preparation for Wheeling’s Light Up Night on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

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Businesses that want to participant can access the rules, regulations and registration either via google form or by paper entry. Paper registration can be submitted to Wheeling Heritage, 1400 Main St., either through postal service or in person.

Public voting for the most festive and fun display will take place between Nov. 20 and Dec. 18. The commission will provide online and paper options for voting. The winner will be announced on Dec. 20.

Entry is not limited to buildings that accommodate window displays. Any businesses wishing to decorate with festive exteriors are encouraged to participate. Participants are encouraged to utilize lights in their displays.

“We want to see downtown illuminated for Winter on the Plaza, the parade and through the rest of the holiday season,” Sweeny said.

For information, send an email to arts@wheelingwv.gov or visit the Wheeling Arts & Cultural Commission Facebook event page.