Wheeling Heritage Receives National Recognition for Public Art Trail

Wheeling Heritage’s Public Art Trail has been announced as one of the Advancing Trails Awards Program by American Trails. The Advancing Trails Awards Program recognizes the tremendous contributions of volunteers, professionals, and other leaders who are working to create an effective system of trails across the globe.

American Trails celebrates decades of working on behalf of all trail interests. Since 1988, American Trails has been a training resource and collective voice for a diverse coalition of trail enthusiasts, professionals, advocates, land managers, conservationists, and friends of the outdoors and livable cities. American Trails strives to enrich the quality of life, mental health, and physical health for all people and the sustainable development of communities by advancing and promoting the development, preservation, and enjoyment of diverse, high-quality trails and greenways. American Trails advances the development of diverse, high-quality trails and greenways for the benefit of people and communities. Through collaboration, education, and communication, American Trails raises awareness of the value these trail systems offer.

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The Wheeling Public Art Trail received recognition in the “Trail and Arts” award category at the International Trails Summit Awards Ceremony that took place on April 17 in Reno, Nevada.  This category award recognizes the integration of art with the trail experience including outstanding public art works, interpretive signs, or other creative structures, sounds, or even smells associated with trail-related enhancements.

“Arts and culture is one of our main focuses here at Wheeling Heritage.  The art trail map was such a great project and I am really proud of the Wheeling Heritage Media team for their work on the trail map,” said Scott Schenerlein, Executive Director for Wheeling Heritage. “Any time that Wheeling can be recognized for having an amenity that enriches the environment, it reminds all of us that there is something special right outside our door. It also sends a message that this is a good place to visit and a good place to call home. We are very humbled and grateful for the opportunity to showcase the many talented artists in our region.”

The Wheeling Public Art Trail features more than 65 works of art created by talented artists from near and far. The art found around Wheeling is vital elements for showcasing Wheeling’s identity and history. The map is just a starting point to encourage locals and visitors to explore the hidden spaces of Wheeling and includes art work, monuments and sculptures. The physical map can be found at Wheeling Visitors Center, Wheeling Heritage’s office or digitally online at wheelingheritage.org/public-art-trail/.

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