Wheeling Heritage Receives Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grant from the National Park Service

Wheeling Heritage has been awarded a $750,000 Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grant by the National Park Service to support the preservation of Wheeling’s historic buildings. The organization will use the funds to establish a Historic Revitalization Subgrant Program that will provide funding for rehabilitation and restoration projects at contributing structures in Wheeling’s 12 historic districts.

Wheeling Heritage, in collaboration with local preservation professionals, will establish an advisory committee to help guide and oversee the initiative. The committee will develop a competitive application package to disperse subgrants between $15,000 and $75,000 to eligible property owners and/or tenants for the rehabilitation and repair of commercial, residential and mixed-used structures.

“We’ve identified over 3,000 contributing structures across Wheeling’s historic districts that could be eligible for support through this subgrant program,” said Betsy Sweeny, director of heritage programming at Wheeling Heritage. “Receiving this generous grant will help us financially support historic preservation projects across our city.”

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Wheeling Heritage is slated to begin accepting applications in fall 2022 and intends to award all of the funds within 36 months from the start of the program.

The Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grants awarded a total of $7.5 million to 11 recipients in 10 states to support the preservation of historic buildings in rural communities across the country. Of the 11 recipients, two were awarded to West Virginia organizations.

This project is supported through the Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grants Program, provided by the Historic Preservation Fund, as administered by the National Park Service, Department of Interior. For more information about HPF grants and the Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grants program, visit https://go.nps.gov/revitalization.