Wheeling Heritage Seeks Community Collaboration for Art Installation on Diversity

Wheeling Heritage is seeking community participation in a public art project about diversity. The result will be a comprehensive art installation featuring hundreds of works of art by community members.

To participate, interested individuals can pick up a free, 4-inch by 4-inch canvas from various locations throughout Wheeling. Then, using whatever art supplies they’d like, they are asked to create a work of art that represents diversity. The completed piece can be dropped off at the same location.

The deadline to return the completed canvas is Monday, Sept. 7th.

Once all pieces have been collected, they will be scanned and shared on the Wheeling Heritage website. They will then be used to create an art installation “quilt” to be hung in the Wheeling Artisan Center atrium in September.

The interpretation of diversity is up to each artist, and Wheeling Heritage is hoping that people of all ages and skills will be a part of this project. This is a free community participation event and is open to everyone.

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“It doesn’t matter who you are, your age, your gender, your religion, etc. We are asking everyone to create their own response to what diversity means to them, or how it makes them feel, or how it gives them hope,” said Wheeling Heritage Program Manager Chris Villamagna. “When collected, each square will be posted individually online, but the final impact will come from the installation of up to 1,000 squares together, creating one beautiful piece where all participants played a part.”

To create their art piece, participants can use ink, crayon, marker, paint, etc. The depth of the piece must stay at a quarter inch, and it must fit back into the clear sleeve it came in. Note that your piece will not be returned to you.

Pick-up and drop-off locations include:

• Wheeling Artisan Center, 1400 Main Street, Wheeling – first floor lobby

• Later Alligator, 2145 Market Street, Wheeling

• The Public Market, 1401 Main Street, Wheeling

• Stifel Fine Arts Center, 1330 National Road, Wheeling

(Please be courteous of COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and requirements at individual locations.)

If you have a large group interested in the project, arrangements can be made for a drop off and pick up. If you have any questions, contact Alex Weld at aweld@wheelingheritage.org.