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Get to Know Wheeling Heritage’s Show of Hands Contestants

The latest round of Show of Hands is set to begin on Oct. 26. The virtual event will showcase four local business owners making their business pitch through short video segments produced by Wheeling Heritage Media. In anticipation of the return of this popular event, get to know who’s in the running to receive over $4,000 to fund their business project:

Terry Jill Bonar, Making Magic LLC

Terry Jill

  • Favorite Flower: Ranunculus
  • Describe your business in three words: Unique. Magical. Client-centered.
  • Proudest business accomplishment so far?: “Not giving up, despite adversity. It’s been a long road since I signed the lease on the building for Making Magic a year ago. There have been some roadblocks along the way, but I’ve stayed persistent and know that it’s going to be fabulous when it is done.”
  • What would a Show of Hands win mean for you? “It would mean EVERYTHING – the doors would be open, projects that are waiting would be completed and I could get on with making magic for my clients in a beautiful space.”

Grant Coleman, Mugshots

Grant Coleman

  • Favorite Drink: The Grant – a triple vanilla frozen drink
  • Describe your business in three words: Atmosphere. Community. Quality.
  • If you could only play one song in the coffee shop, what would it be? Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend.
  • Best business advice you’ve received? “Our time is a finite resource, whatever time you spend working is gone forever and no amount of money can reimburse you for that. Because of this, we should always be doing the things we love, but in the moments that this is not possible we have to do the things we hate as if we love them.”
  • What would a Show of Hands win mean for you? “Completing the back facade of our building which will help expand our mission to provide a beautiful atmosphere for the community to enjoy.”

Elizabeth (Libbi) Gramby, Table 304

Elizabeth Grambly

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  • Favorite Charcuterie Board Essential: Her homemade Jarlsberg cheese spread.
  • Describe your business in three words: Fun. Food. Family.
  • What does an ideal day look like at Table 304?: “It would be a day spent making beautiful boards where I’m not rushed and can really put the proper time and effort into each one…and seeing the excitement on peoples’ faces as they pick up their boards and hearing why they ordered them. I love hearing about the showers, birthdays and other celebrations that my work gets to be a part of.”
  • What would a Show of Hands win mean for you? “Peace of mind and excitement knowing I have the support of our local community.”

Kahlie Wilson, Healthy Vibes for You

Kahlie Wilson

  • Favorite Shake: Strawberry Oatmeal
  • Describe your business in three words: Fun. Supportive. Healthy.
  • What is the scariest business decision you’ve had to make? “After being shut down earlier this year due to COVID, we decided to keep our services limited to curbside pick-up for an additional 7 months in order to transform the inside of our building. It was totally worth it because it’s now a vibrant, colorful space that has made a huge difference when you come in to visit us and I’m so glad we took that risk.”
  • What would a Show of Hands win mean for you? “Gratitude knowing that the community wants my business to succeed as much as I do.”

Don’t forget to tune in and vote from Oct. 26 – Nov. 1. Each contestant’s video will be available to view on Wheeling Heritage’s website and social media accounts. For $5, you can cast your vote online at until Nov. 1. All of the money raised through online voting and event sponsors will go directly to the winning business to fund their next venture.

• Alex Panas is the Program Manager for Wheeling Heritage, where she works with artists, small business owners, and community stakeholders to provide technical assistance and create meaningful programs that enhance Wheeling. She also serves as the managing editor for Weelunk. Alex lives in St. Clairsville with her husband where they raise four cats and four spunky backyard chickens.