Wheeling Heritage’s Tom Griffith Collection on Display at WesBanco

Visitors to WesBanco’s trust department can now see a local artist’s vibrant, nostalgic paintings of Wheeling lining the walls. Wheeling Heritage has loaned more than 20 of its Tom Griffith paintings to the company.

Wheeling Heritage has collected more than 40 Tom Griffith paintings throughout the years. The collection began after the organization hosted an exhibit of the Wheeling artist’s work in 2000 and determined that his unique pieces capture the sites and senses of Wheeling’s heritage.

Now, displayed on WesBanco’s fifth floor, many of the paintings’ subject areas are visible from the building’s windows.

The idea for this partnership began when WesBanco approached Wheeling Heritage, asking if the organization had any ideas on how to bring art to the department. Wheeling Heritage realized they had the perfect pieces to both enliven the space and also highlight Wheeling’s rich history.

“We have found great interest in the Tom Griffith paintings displayed on our walls,” said Todd Clossin, CEO of WesBanco. “With the incredible detail of the art, we are finding that every time you look at a piece, you see something new.  Our hallways are brighter and the paintings have become conversation pieces for both employees and customers alike.”

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They also discovered that Tom Griffith’s son, Charles, manages the company’s Elm Grove office, he explained, adding another special touch to the artwork.

“Tom Griffith’s depiction of Wheeling, as he sees and remembers it, is not only vibrant and colorful, it evokes Wheeling’s unique sense of place — a city rich in history, traditions and potential,” said Jake Dougherty, executive director of Wheeling Heritage.

“Wheeling Heritage is excited to loan WesBanco the paintings we own by Tom Griffith because they will be seen by more people, and I think his paintings capture the vision that Wheeling Heritage and WesBanco share for the community,” Dougherty said.

Wheeling Heritage has also loaned pieces of is collection for public viewing in locations including The Capitol Theatre and Congressman David McKinley’s Washington, D.C., office.

In September 2018, Wheeling Heritage hosted an art exhibition, Tom Griffith’s Wheeling, which featured all 40 pieces of the organization’s collection.