Wheeling Park

Wheeling Park to Open Community Education Center in Partnership With Wheeling Country Day School

For decades, Wheeling Park was a popular community destination for roller skating, teen dances and a variety of community-based activities that have since disappeared as a result of changing trends.

After much research and consideration, the Wheeling Park Commission has announced the opening of a new Community Education Center at Wheeling Park on Aug. 3 that will engage with a modern generation.

“To maintain relevance in an ever-changing world, it’s imperative that we reimagine Wheeling Park and develop facilities, activities and programming that complement and enhance our community,” said Wheeling Park Commission President and CEO David Lindelow.

Wheeling Park’s new Community Education Center will be located within the W.E. Stone Building and will ultimately house classrooms, satellite offices and headquarters for a variety of local businesses and organizations.

“We are pleased to announce that Wheeling Country Day School will be the first community partner joining us on this journey,” Lindelow said. “With the school’s progressive, community-centric approach to education, this partnership is extremely fitting.”

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Wheeling Country Day School (WCDS), an independent school with a public purpose, plans to host classes from preschool through eighth grade at the new branch classroom at the Community Education Center. This will expand their place-based educational commitment and further the school’s service to the community as well.

“Our branch classroom in the park allows our students — especially our middle schoolers — to dive deeply into learning that is meaningful and relevant,” said Head of School at WCDS Liz Hofreuter. “We are eager to reimagine the amenities at Wheeling Park as educational resources to cultivate student agency.”

WCDS middle school students will create an on-site wellness course, develop supplemental educational materials for popular recreational activities, as well as facilitate community educational events and services throughout the year.

“Students engaged actively in their education build deeper understanding of content,” Hofreuter said. “I love that this partnership with Wheeling Park shatters the idea that four walls equal a classroom.”

The Wheeling Park Commission is actively seeking new partners to join its Community Education Center. For more information on this new initiative, contact David Lindelow at 304-243-4000.