Wheeling Park Senior Has Done it All in the Festival of Sound

It’s possible that no Wheeling Park High School student has had more stage time or has played as many instruments during the school’s annual Festival of Sound than Allison L’Ecuyer.

The Patriot senior will begin her final run in the school’s annual holiday concert series when the Festival of Sound opens Dec. 10 at the J.B. Chambers Performing Arts Center and continues Dec. 11 and 13. L’Ecuyer has taken part in the Festival of Sound since she was a freshman, and she may be the event’s most versatile musician. For the fourth consecutive year, she will perform in the Festival of Sound as part of the orchestra, concert band, steel drums, chamber choir, jazz ensemble and percussion ensemble. She said the event has special meaning to her.

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“The Festival of Sound is significant to me because it involves the entire Wheeling Park Music Department,” L’Ecuyer said. “It’s a special time of year to make beautiful music and entertain the community, and I love it that my friends are here with me to create and perform. It’s really time consuming, and it’s a lot of work, but it is what I’m passionate about. I’m not going to let a little stress stop me from doing what I love.”

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Wheeling Park High School Band Director David Alfred said L’Ecuyer is a natural talent, and she has become possibly the most important musician in Wheeling Park High School’s premier concert event. As he discussed L’Ecuyer’s talent, Alfred had to take a moment to consider her contributions to, not only the Festival of Sound, but to the school’s music department and all of its performance events.

“I’m trying to think of how many instruments she can play,” he said. “She’ll have to tell you, because I could make a list, and I’m sure there would be some I forgot… Allison comes from a musical family, and she’s a natural. She’s a brilliant musician, and she is also an amazing singer.”

“Music isn’t something she has to think about,” Alfred added. “Music is just what she does.”

L’Ecuyer lives in Wheeling with her parents and four younger sisters. Her father, John, plays drums, guitar, bass and piano. Her mother, Jan, is a vocalist who also plays piano, flute and guitar. All of her sisters attend Ohio County Schools. L’Ecuyer said three of her sisters are already involved in music, and she said her youngest sister has already expressed an interest in pursuing music as well.

Although this year’s Festival of Sound will be the final time she performs in the event, L’Ecuyer said she plans to witness it from the other side of the stage in the future.

“It is bitter sweet,” she said of her final Festival of Sound performances. “I’m going to come back to see it, because I really like the diversity of it. Each year the styles change and the performances vary, and I appreciate that. The Festival of Sound is a wonderful event.”