How You Can Support Small Businesses During Construction

As the Wheeling streetscape project continues to progress, residents and visitors can expect to see traffic cones on Main and Market well into 2024. While this construction might slow down our commute, it shouldn’t slow down our support for the small businesses located in the heart of Downtown Wheeling. By making an effort to support these businesses, you are not only helping them stay afloat during a difficult time but also contributing to the overall health of the community.

The Wheeling Heritage Media team checked in with Downtown business owners, as well as local leaders, to learn more about how we can come together to make a significant impact on the success and future of these businesses, and ultimately the community as a whole.

DO SOMETHING: Support Your Favorite Downtown Businesses

The Bridge Tavern and Grill, 950 Main Street

Card and Soul Tarot, 1001 Main Street

Opossum Pouch Soft Goods, 1003 Main Street

ThrIVe Wheeling, 1052 Main Street

Mugshots, 1109 Main Street

Stages, 1063 Main Street

DiCarlo’s Pizza, 1311 Main Street

Wheeling Coffee and Spice, 13 14th Street

River City Restaurant, 1400 Main Street

Wheeling Artisan Center Shop, 1400 Main Street (second floor)

The Public Market, 1401 Main Street

Smart Centre Market, 1410 Main Street

Table 304, 1509 Main Street

Rysing Star Dance Academy, 1320 Market Street

Jewelry & Watch Co., 1223 Market Street

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Shea Rose Soapery, 1207 Market Street

Nail City Record, 40 12th Street, Suite 300

Alpha Clothing, 70 12th Street

Elle and Jacks, 1201 Chapline Street

Vagabond Kitchen, 1201 Market Street

Ohio Valley MMA, 27 11th Street

Tito’s Sloppy Doggs, 1068 Market Street

Meraki Hair Salon, 1066 Market Street

Lucky Candies 2, 1061 Market Street

Taqueria 304, 1062 Market Street

Mmm Popcorn, 1057 Market Street

Panda Chinese Kitchen, 1056 Market Street

Viper’s Billiards, 1050 Market Street

DL’s Hair and Clothing, 1031 Market Street

Dyagon Alley, 24 Bridge Street

• Alex Panas is the Program Manager for Wheeling Heritage, where she works with artists, small business owners, and community stakeholders to provide technical assistance and create meaningful programs that enhance Wheeling. She also serves as the managing editor for Weelunk. Alex lives in St. Clairsville with her husband where they raise four cats and four spunky backyard chickens.

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