Wheeling’s Consignment Shops Inspire

Discovering the perfect, vintage designer handbag. Finally getting your hands on a gorgeous two-seater sofa to complete your living room. It’s the thrill of finding that one-of-a-kind item or scoring a killer deal that makes consignment shopping so popular. In Centre Market, you can find consignment shops that house your favorite brands and styles at a discounted price while also saving the planet—one chair or pair of jeans at a time.

Rebecca Stahl, owner of REStyle Consignment and Nancy Hanes, owner of Re’Decorate Consignment, are providing an invaluable service to their patrons each day. While fast fashion and fast furniture often pull consumers in with low prices and cheaper products, these locally-owned consignment shops offer something the big chains could never—community.

Art inside Consignment store
Stahl chooses to display local art for sale in her store, while Hanes opts to hire local vendors for their expert skills with handling furniture. Both make an active effort to support local artisans.

REStyle, located at 2215 Market Street in Center Wheeling, offers a blend of both new and like-new clothing and accessories all on consignment. The shop primarily sells women’s clothing, but a small section dedicated to menswear is also available. Aside from clothing, REStyle also sells jewelry, shoes, purses and accessories, as well as artwork by local artists.

Stahl has owned her business for nearly three years and prides herself on not only the communal aspect of owning her consignment shop but also the history she gets to share.

“Centre Market is such a unique and fun area to both shop and eat, but also because of the other small business owners,” said Stahl. “Everyone works together to plan activities and events that can benefit all the small businesses, which is great. It’s truly my second home.”

While she knows many of the surrounding shop owners, what some may not know is how family-oriented her shop is as well.

In addition to pieces of her shop being put together by her father, she has made an active effort to surround herself with family in other unique ways.

“The REStyle environment is both eclectic and industrial with a clean and cozy vibe. Throughout the shop, almost all of the displays are from either secondhand stores, yard sales or were hand-me-downs.”

Shirts at REStyle
Styles for every occasion are always front and center at REStyle.

“I recently hung-up sketches that my grandmother did in the 1920s, as well as old family photos (and) other family hand me downs like my Grandmother’s art box— vintage hats that belonged to both my grandmother and great-grandmother. I spend a lot of time at my shop, so it feels like my home away from home with all the personal touches.”

While these pieces make Stahl’s shop feel comforting and hospitable, her number one priority for the store is reducing waste and encouraging her patrons to follow her lead.

“I think that more people are buying into the idea of reducing their environmental footprint. Additionally, both consignors and consignees are finding value in the secondhand clothing market,” said Stahl.

“Consignment stores offer a wide variety of items at affordable prices and the inventory is constantly changing so there are always fresh items to check out. Buyers can find like-new designer items at a fraction of the cost. Those who consign can make extra money for their unwanted clothing and accessories.”

In addition to keeping clothes out of landfills, Stahl has also chosen to use biodegradable bags at her store and gives customers a 5 percent discount for bringing their own bags.

Stahl’s consignment shop has a plethora of options for every buyer, from name brands to quirky styles bustling with originality.

“Every brand has come through the doors, but some are more popular than others. Workout brands like Lululemon, Athleta and Gym Shark are very popular and sell really, really well, as well as those brands from Anthropologie, Saks 5th Ave and Nordstrom. Popular mall stores like Banana Republic, J. Crew, American Eagle and Express are also top sellers,” said Stahl.

Nike at REstyle
A few popular brands that are sold at REStyle include Lululemon, Athleta, Nike, Kate Spade and American Eagle. Stahl says she never knows what great products are going to arrive at the store on a given day.

“I love anything that comes in that’s different and one-of-a-kind. I’m a sucker for anything that’s embroidered or is just overall unique. Tooled leather purses, one-of-a-kind jewelry— It’s hard to pick just one. Every day is exciting because you never know what might come in the shop for consignment.”

Anything that Stahl doesn’t end up selling in her store still receives love from someone in need of it.

“Many consignors opt to have their items that do not sell donated to local charities. No items are thrown away,” said Stahl.

While Stahl has always been a thrifty shopper, it wasn’t always what she saw for herself.

“I have always wanted to have my own business, but never thought it would ever actually happen,” said Stahl.

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“I remember sitting in an agricultural science class in college, not paying attention, and researching how to start a small business, business plans, searching Pinterest for ideas, looking for available storefronts in Wheeling, etc. I think that was when I realized that I wanted to start my own business.”

Three years later, Stahl takes time each day to admire how far her business has come.

“I love the ability to be creative and the sense of accomplishment. It truly doesn’t feel like work. I really do enjoy going into the shop every day,” said Stahl.

“I love seeing familiar faces that have become regular shoppers, as well as meeting new people who haven’t been in before. I love responding to the question ‘What do you do?’ with ‘I own my own small business.’ It’s just a really cool feeling!

While Stahl’s décor keeps family in mind, Nancy Hanes of Re’Decorate Consignment makes an active effort to make families feel at ease at home.

Nancy Hanes
Hanes believes that consignment means styling your life in the most responsible way possible, while also enjoying one of the most popular ways to shop, which is second-hand.

Hanes has owned her consignment shop in Centre Market since January of 2020, which is her second business location.

She offers furniture, home décor, gift baskets and luxury items. While Hanes is proud to promote sustainability, she also wants patrons to understand that consignment can also mean luxury.

“We take pride in promoting sustainability and people want to redecorate, but it can be difficult and everyone should be able to take pride in their home. It’s a circle of life and important in our community,” said Hanes.

“If you pay a lot of money for something and you don’t want to throw it away, but don’t want to keep it, this is a great way to contribute to less waste. We are a luxury consignment shop where you can redecorate your home at a price you can afford. People get confused when they hear consignment because they think thrift or antique, but that is totally different.”

Redecorate consignment
The slogan for Hanes’ store is “Affordable. Luxury. Timeless.” The acronym, ALT, stands for that in addition to her father’s initials.

Hanes also believes that people often fail to remember the act of sustainability when they are discarding items or even buying brand new ones from large retail companies in an effort to have the best decor.

“I think people forget about sustainability. I’ve had people tell me they wish they knew I was here. They just burned a couch because they didn’t know where to put it,” said Hanes.

“Sometimes you think, ‘people won’t want this.’ Well, when you got it, you wanted it! Someone else probably needs and wants it now. People forget the impact they can make.”

  • TV Stand at Redecorate consignment
    “We take our products and use them to redecorate homes,” said Hanes. “Furniture and home décor and accents are the staples of what we provide.”

While Hanes provides and creates pieces of furniture that enhance people’s personal style at home, she also contributes to the community in other ways as well.

“We donate a lot to YSS in Wheeling and when Avenue Eats had a fire, we helped the young woman who lived above the restaurant refurbish her home,” said Hanes.

“We pass along items to many people who could use them who are in need and that serves sustainably.”

Hanes also hires local artisans to create and refurbish pieces for her store, including someone who makes metal signs and another who makes furniture by hand.

When asked what her favorite thing about operating a consignment shop was, it came as no surprise when she said community.

“I would say giving back is my favorite thing about running my business. The community involvement and helping people take pride in their homes. I think that is a really big deal,” said Hanes. “Everybody should be able to take pride in their home. It is affordable to have luxury in your home.”

Whether you call on Re’Decorate while revamping your home or stop by REStyle to buy a new dress for your Zoom party this weekend, they have you covered. Going green and reducing waste is amazing, but also being on-trend and owning the style scene? Honestly, that’s just icing on the cake!

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