Winning Entries: Kids Write About Bugs, Brothers, Pets & Pride

The Ohio Valley Writers held its inaugural writing contest this spring. They were pleased to choose adult and elementary school winners in poetry, fiction and nonfiction categories. Here, we present the winners in the kids’ nonfiction and poetry categories. Please visit for more information. We hope to see you at our meetings!


1st Place

Delicious Bugs

By Andy Roberts

Bugs, creatures we all know. But did you know that if we start eating bugs a lot of good things will come from it? First of all, bugs are super healthy for you. Next, if you like animals, then you want to eat bugs. There are just too many bugs on the planet so you might want to consider chomping on some delicious bugs today.

Eating bugs is very healthy for you. Mealworms, ants and other bugs have lots of protein. A grasshopper has protein in the head, good fats in the thorax and nutrition in the abdomen. Eating bugs will not make you sick like meat can. If you have been sick from meat, then you know how awful it is.

Eating bugs will stop animal farming a ton. Deforestation is caused from farming cows. Cow farts produce methane and is 84% more powerful than carbon dioxide. If we stop farming cows, we won’t have to give them food that makes them gassy. Another thing that hurts the planet is slaughterhouses. The slaughterhouses torture animals and if we eat just bugs and vegetables we will stop harming the peaceful lives of these poor animals.

Eating bugs is a good idea because there are around 10 quintillion individual bugs on the planet. So they won’t go extinct any time soon. The 10 quintillion is 22% beetles, 7% months/butterflies, 9% flies and 8% wasps.

I know when you think of a giant bowl of crickets in front of you, it makes you feel sick. But if you want to help the world, then try some. Besides they are very healthy, you too can help the animals and since when has anyone been worried about running out of bugs. So just think twice before gobbling down a giant pile of steak.


2nd Place

A Time When I was Proud of Myself

by Brayden Mahon

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When I am proud of myself I download a new game on my iPad. It is pretty funny but it makes me even more proud of myself. I get pretty happy when I’m proud of myself.

We all have big hearts loving, caring, and sharing, so you can see like I said we all have proud hearts. When we laugh we get happy or proud of ourselves. Our hearts get bigger and bigger. It is not painful to be proud of yourself.

But back to the proud thing you and I all get proud once in a while. I get proud a lot and so do you. I get proud of myself when I get greens in school and get a side done on my Rubic’s Cube.

So we all get proud of something, but how do we know we are proud? We have to do something to make us proud.



2nd Place

Mac Attack

By Gianna Landis


He’s furry and soft and likes the sound of my voice.

He loves to see me by his own choice.

His nose is wet and snotty.

His breath smells like a potty.

His favorite toys is a ball and he loves long car rides to the mall.

He scratches on my leg and I give him a piece of chicken.

He runs around the house and does things he shouldn’t do,

Like drinking from the toilet and taking a big poo.

Mac Attack is my loyal doggy.

I love him so much it makes my blue eyes soggy!


3rd Place

Brothers Are….

By Asher Chao

Brothers are pesky morning and night Sometimes we get

along Sometimes we fight!


Brothers are annoying when they come in my room. I just

feel that I want to “Boom”!


Now brothers are clever when they play hide-and-seek I

can easily find them I wish they would not peek.


Brothers are funny when they tell their jokes I laugh and I

laugh I just feel I must choke.


Brothers are bad Yes the punch and they kick I tell them

to stop, but then they just lick.


Brothers are lovers one has a girl and he loves her so

he would give her a pearl.


Brothers are helpful oh yes they can be they would not

mind if they gave me one knee.