Work from Home Artistry began in Apartment Two

The term ‘Work-From-Home’ conjures up images of zoom calls and button-up shirts paired with lounge pants. Most people expect long-distance phone calls and spreadsheets. While, surely, there are people in Wheeling who work from home in this way, a few are creating their own kind of work-from-home. From all manner of art to beautiful wellness treats, like perfume and candles, some absolute treats have come from those working from home in Wheeling. One such creative endeavor coming out of a Wheeling home is Apartment Two Art.

Apartment Two Art began, quite literally, in Apartment Two.  As of early July, current Wheeling resident Courtney Moulder will have single-handedly owned and operated Apartment Two Art for seven years.  “I wanted a name that I could take with me wherever I went, but maintained an origin story,” Moulder states.  

Courtney Moulder, with her candles displayed at Table 304.

A former graphic design major and a 2013 West Liberty University graduate, Moulder has always embraced creating and hands-on artistry.  Previously, Moulder focused mainly on pottery; she has since shifted to the candles that have become a local staple.  “When I began working on candles, I started researching and then figuring out what worked through trial and error,” Moulder states.  Seven years later, her candles, crafted in her work-from-home environment, are sold all over Wheeling, including locations like Table 304, Nicki’s Garden Center, Center Market, and Clientele Art Studio (to name a few). 

Moulder has embraced the collaborative nature of many Wheeling-based small business owners and has worked in a variety of unique partnerships to create one-of-a-kind scents specific to the vision of the business: “I’ve done several custom or signature scents for local businesses. Avenue Eats had me create a burger-scented candle when they opened at Waterfront Hall. I make a variety of delicious doughnut-scented candles for Euphoric Doughnuts. I also made some cheese wedge candles to sell at Table 304. And my Ohio River scented  candles that are sold at Clientele Art Studio have a fun little charm inside when you melt them down!” The unique artistry and story behind many of the Apartment Two Candles have added a flair of local nostalgia to each owner’s home or business.  

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Just some of the creations Courtney has made.

Moulder currently splits her time between creating and working at Table 304.  As the sole owner of Apartment Two Art, Moulder handles the production, design, and marketing for the company.  Working for herself has its perks: “My time is my own.  I’m good at time management and very task-oriented.  I can cross things off my list, take time to relax, and enjoy my cat at home,” Moulder states with a smile.  

Check out her candles at a variety of local vendors and keep an eye out for her personal favorite scents: Hippie Juice and Coriander and Tonka.  Craving something else? There is a scent for everyone! Moulder mentions current fan favorites and top sellers include Fruit Loops, Rootbeer, and Earl Grey and Apple.  You can follow Apartment Two Art on both Facebook and Instagram, or check out the shop on Etsy for even more amazing scents and products. 

Karin Butyn was born and raised in Wheeling, WV. A graduate of Wheeling Central, West Liberty University, and Wheeling Jesuit University, Karin spent nearly a decade teaching both English as Second Language and Reading Language Arts. She currently serves as the director of marketing and public relations at Ohio County Schools. In her free time, she enjoys running and music. She and her husband, TJ, are raising their young sons, Finn and Watson, in Warwood.