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“Every voice matters, and blogs have the ability to make the voiceless heard.”

With the ever increasing use of social media, the practice of “blogging” in its original form has gone to the wayside. Consequently, the term ‘blog’ has all but escaped our common vernacular. Admittedly, I had to do quite a bit of research just to clarify the definition and avoid writing a ridiculously misguided blog of my own. That very situation is what brings me to my next point: Everyone can write a blog. Moreover, everyone should write a blog. Words are a means to meaning, and, for those that will listen, the enunciation of truth.

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John Marshall High School student Nick Cecil

Every individual has unique opinions, experiences, beliefs, and ideas. Blogging gives people the opportunity to express themselves, use creativity and improve their writing and communication skills. Along with this element of self-betterment is the prospect of bettering your community or furthering a cause you’re passionate about. Blogging for the purpose of activism gives one the ability to turn ideas into action and make a real, positive impact. Blogs also offer the option of anonymity. Unlike most social media sites, no one has to know who you are when you are blogging about a controversial issue or sensitive subject. Not only does blogging as opposed to social networking offer more room to write, but along with this extensive writing space comes the ability for people to take their time in properly articulating their ideas. Consequently, it really doesn’t matter how poor you may think your writing skills are; you have every opportunity to edit your blog before it goes public. Every voice matters, and blogs have the ability to make the voiceless heard. Those who are generally shy may be more willing to come out of their shells if they have the choice of remaining anonymous and the chance to say exactly what they are thinking.

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Expression and creativity are important aspects of our very humanity, and blogs are a perfect avenue to utilize our creative qualities and genuinely express ourselves. As the youth in our society, we have a duty to promote progress and work toward a positive change in our communities. Unfortunately, most people tend to only be spurred into action when they’re offended by something rather than proactively seeking to change or improve upon something before it reaches the point of offense.

So go ahead!

Get creative.

Express yourself.   Better yourself.

Improve your community.

Write boldly.

Who knows? You might even change the world.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish—what we can accomplish—when everyone’s voice may be heard.

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