WVNCC Unveils New Center; Will Host Info Session for Mine Program

WVNCC Starting New Center for Business and Industrial Training

West Virginia Northern Community College will offer expanded industrial, business and customized training in a variety of topics, to local and regional companies through its new Center for Business and Industrial Training (CBIT). These courses will complement and expand their customizable training that WVNCC currently offers.

Courses will start July 9 and will be offered year round. Training courses will be conducted on one of WVNCC’s three campuses or can be arranged to be held at a local company site.

WVNCC will launch its new training center with three courses and will add additional ones in the coming months. Businesses are encouraged to reach out to WVNCC if there is a course or training they need for employees, but is not yet offered. Courses will include but are not limited to OSHA topics, SafeLand, ARC Flash Safety, welding, hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, information technology, customer service and more.

“Our new Center for Business and Industrial Training is yet another example of how we are helping to expand the knowledge and skills of people in the Ohio Valley and enhance our local economy,” said WVNCC President Dr. Vicki Riley. “We are excited and ready to assist our regional business community.”

The three initial courses offered through WVNCC’s new endeavor include Basic AC/DC Electricity, Instrumentation Fundamentals and Introduction to Programmable Logic Controls. The basic AC/DC Electricity course centers around AC and DC electrical components, schematics, measurement of voltage, current and resistance using appropriate meters. Instrumentation Fundamentals course will train participants in the basics of mechanical and electrical instrumentation for pressure, temperature, flow and levels, as well as calibration, testing, control loops, primary sensors, controllers and different systems. The Introduction to Programmable Logic Controls will show participants how to program basic functions and troubleshoot a simple programmable controller system.

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In addition to regularly scheduled trainings, WVNCC can conduct almost any training a company may need through the many subject experts at WVNCC. “If there is a business that needs a certain type of training for their employees we can conduct it ourselves or will connect them with someone who can,” commented WVNCC’s Vice President of Economic & Workforce Development Larry Tackett. “It is remarkable the talent we have at WVNCC. We want individuals and businesses from any size to know we are here to help.”

WVNCC’s Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development Larry Tackett announces WVNCC’s new Center for Business and Industrial Training.

WVNCC To Host Info Session for New Mine Maintenance Program

West Virginia Northern Community College will host an informational session for its new mine maintenance program from 1-2:30 p.m. Saturday, June 23, on the Wheeling Campus. The new program is in partnership with Murray Energy Corporation and includes employment opportunities with Murray. Representatives from WVNCC and Murray Energy will be giving a presentation about the new program and will answer questions.

WVNCC announced the new two-year associate degree program last month, and classes will start with the fall semester on Aug. 27. Anyone interested in enrolling in the new Mine Maintenance Program for the fall must apply by July 9 at minmaintenance@coalcource.com. Once accepted, students will be required to complete a two-week training offered by Murray Energy. Upon acceptance into the program, students will have the opportunity to work part-time with Murray Energy. After successfully completing the program, students will have the potential to be hired by Murray Energy full-time. Possible career opportunities may include maintenance foreman, electrical foreman, belt maintenance foremen, coal preparation foreman, coal production positions and many more.

For more information, contact Larry Tackett at 304-214-8967 or at ltackett@wvncc.edu.