2016 Weelunk Top Ten: Stories By Steve

As we put a wrap on our 2016 in review, here are the Top Ten stories from our Chief Editor and Writer Steve Novotney.

Editor’s Note: This Top Ten list was compiled using Google analytics and social media engagement data.


The Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage of Ann Thomas

January 2016

“She met her husband on Monday night, and she’s certain of that fact because it was on Mondays when African-Americans were allowed to skate at the roller rink that once stood where Market Plaza is today in downtown Wheeling.”


Sister Robin: A Cold Case

August 2016

“…a story about how a young lady preparing to become a nun in the Roman Catholic Church was killed in broad daylight on the campus of Mount St. Joseph’s”


Wheeling’s Waldrum Rises Above Sorrow

March 2016

“Moondog” shares his struggles.


A Wheeling Transgender Female Speaks Out

May 2016

“Fear is the reason why people are discriminatory. It’s because they are afraid of what they do not know.”


Resurrection Cometh for Mt. Carmel Monastery

July 2016

“What happened with the Carmelites order has really taken place across the board all over the country. Those kinds of religious communities are going away.”

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Chapline Hill Tunnel Shrouded in Mystery

January 2016

“It’s dark and dank with orange moisture seeping from its rotting walls and bricked ceiling, and it’s been decorated with graffiti and reinforced and blocked with steel fencing.”


Wheeling Teacher Gives Politician a History Lesson

March 2016

“Decker heard the legislator say something during his stump, and in close to 60 seconds proved the statement false and possibly manipulative.”


Vaulting Into Wheeling’s Underground History

September 2016

“The best thing we could do is document them and remember them and remember the stories that they tell.”


The Elby’s Empire

All Year

“…a series of stories that will concentrate on the history of one of the most storied restaurant franchises in Wheeling since the 1950s.”


The King and Oglebay

September 2016

“Arnold came here in 1963, when he played an exhibition round for the Junior League in Wheeling,”