2016 Weelunk Top Ten: Stories By You

Recently we shared our 2016 Top Ten  “IDEAS” stories.  Today we continue the year in review with a shout out to our readers, followers, advocates, investors, advertisers and all-around-Weelunkers.  Here are the Top Ten stories of the year from YOU, our community contributors.

Editor’s Note: This Top Ten list was compiled using Google analytics and social media engagement data.


Table Rock Farm

August 2016

Missy Ashmore

This house is still on the market, but it was the in-depth history of this story that helped it go viral.


Top Ten Ghost Bars of Wheeling

January 2016


Here the author remembers Wheeling bars of the 1990s that are long gone.


History and Mystery of Wheeling Castle Revealed

February 2016

Joe Roxby

Today we call it the “Mt. Wood Overlook”, but what the heck was it?


The Mabel Files

All Year

Gerry Griffith

Our favorite and most prolific “Weelunker” Gerry Griffith gives us a window into the Wheeling of long ago.


My Apartment

August 2016

Mike Quinn

We found Wheeling native Mike Quinn on his blog site in North Dakota: Kadizzled. After several wonderful stories later, we are sure glad we met.

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Of This Place

September 2016

Laura Jackson Roberts

Originally appearing on the launch day of Weelunk state-wide partner Vandaleer.com, this Wheeling resident shares her view on what it means to be a West Virginian.


The Power of Intense Fragility

November 2016

Bill Hogan

This prolific Weelunker weaves family, history and humor, and links Wheeling’s past to the present in a beautiful symphony of words.


A Poem: County Road 4

August 2016

Chad Burrall

This poem takes you out the crick and out of the fields, between the coal seams.


Newspaper Hawker

September 2016

Dave Thomas

Another great poem from recently retired West Liberty University professor Dave Thomas.


The Mostly True Story of “Betsy” Zane

February 2016

Earl Nicodemus

“The purpose of this document is to try to sort out the best version of the truth about Elizabeth Zane.”

Cover photo by Wallis.