2016 Weelunk Top Ten: Ideas

In 2016 we received stories from over 100 people like you.  Here are the Top Ten stories of 2016 that were published in weelunk.com’s Ideas section, where ideas that support our area’s growth are welcomed.

Editor’s Note: This Top Ten list was compiled using Google analytics and social media engagement data.


Lessons from Greenville

September 2016

Mayor Glenn Elliott shares a travelogue of a trip to Greenville, South Carolina, and finds many ideas that might work in Wheeling.

Lessons from Greenville


Wheeling Teacher Gives Politician a History Lesson

March 2016

Local teacher Sean Decker sets the record straight. “As a representative of the great state of West Virginia, it would serve you well to be more careful and deliberate in your research before including such claims and quotations in future speeches.”

Decker enjoys performing when not in the classroom.


Five Questions

Spring, Fall Elections 2016

This year’s local elections attracted interest as well. A surprise win for mayor, a large turnover in City Council and a Board of Education in turmoil drew more eyes than usual, and Weelunk was there to provide insight.

Wheeling councilwoman Wendy Scatterday


The Wheeling Renaissance…of 1953

January 2016

Allen Dieterich-Ward

Fifty years ago Wheeling was talking about revitalization. The author dives into this idea in full detail.

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Wheeling Lives Up To its Name

January 2016

Tammy Kruse

The “Friendly City” steps up to the plate and helps those less fortunate.


A Future: Live as if There is One

January 2016

Callaway Barr

This West Liberty University student says don’t forget Wheeling’s history as Wheeling moves forward.


Preserving Suspension Bridge a Top Priority

December 2016

Steve Novotney

A Greyhound Bus damages Wheeling’s icon and sparks debate on the future of the span.


It’s Not Just a Slice of Pizza!

June 2016

Eric Sendaydiego

There’s more to it than just eating a slice of Elm Grove DiCarlo’s.


A Pleasant (Valley) Evening

July 2016


In the wake of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, life perspective is found at the St. Mike’s Fair.


There is Only the Commons

January 2016

Jason Marling

John Marshall High School was once divided between the North and South “Commons”.


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