Wheeling COVID-19 Articles

Weelunk shares Wheeling’s story. And right now, Wheeling’s story has taken an unexpected turn. Just like the rest of the country, life in Wheeling is much different during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that most everyone’s day-to-day routines have changed. Social distancing is vital right now, but as it continues, we might feel less connected to our community than ever.

This is just why we think Weelunk is so important. Because even if you aren’t able to get out there and participate in your community like you typically would, we hope Weelunk can still help you feel connected.

You can still expect to see new content from us every day. Some of these articles will focus on the community’s response to the coronavirus, how we can lend a hand during this time, and how various local organizations are supporting those in need.

But we’ll also continue to share articles on topics you’ve come to expect from Weelunk, like Wheeling history pieces or features on Wheeling residents.