Our South American Odyssey: Day 5

Last you heard from us it was Day 4 and the boys were holding a “sleepover” with their host families. When they awoke on Monday April 1 2019, they had, literally and figuratively, never been this far home. Yes, it was April Fools Day, but this was not a joke. After breakfast they would head to school. They would head to Institutio Maria de Nazareth, whose primary teaching language is Spanish. They would be attending with a few boys they have known for a couple of days, and a lot of kids, (including all of the girls), whom they have never met before.

The following question was asked and we are not sure we were given completely honest answers:

Were you nervous?

Ben: No

Conner: No

Max: Nope

Spencer: Nervous about what?

Camden: No, just excited.

Saying goodbye to the boys of the United States…

Hmmmm…. Nevertheless the day went exceptionally well. The boys attended legit classes and were surprised to find that after each class (five in total) there was a recess. Although “football” is played during school everyday, this April Fools brought rain and the boys played basketball with their new friends and classmates. They had barbecue for lunch cooked by Santiago and the girls, well, none of the adults got the full story here so all we have to go on are a few pics and videos.

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We picked the boys up after school and headed to the Cordoban City Center where we jumped on a 50+ year-old New York City double decker bus. We all learned much about our host city and as the sun broke for the first time since we arrived, Argentina’s beauty was on full display.

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