Colored Easter Eggs

PHOTO GALLERY: The Great Wheeling Easter Egg Hunt!

At Weelunk, we’re all about keeping you connected to your community. Because that looks a little different right now, we’re bringing you ways to engage while staying safe and healthy. We hope Weelunk can continue to connect you to Wheeling — no matter where you are.

This Easter, the community came together to color and display some wonderful works of art as part of the Great Wheeling Easter Egg Hunt. Since Easter Egg Hunts were canceled this year due to COVID-19, Wheeling was encouraged to show off their egg coloring skills by hanging their creations in a window for others to see while driving or walking by.

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This project was led by Valerie Piko, small business coordinator at Regional Economic Development Partnership, who enlisted the help of Stefan Moray to design the Wheeling Easter egg for others to color.

We asked you to send us your designs, and now we would like to share them all in the gallery below. Thank you to all who participated and made this Easter a little more colorful for us all!