The Ex-Pat’s Guide to New Wheeling

The Wheeling Ex-Patriot

Do you call Wheeling, WV home, but currently live somewhere else?  If yes, we here at consider you an “Ex-Pat”.   Are you home now, visiting for Thanksgiving Break?  If yes, you probably are thinking, “Good to be home again, but I’ll soon be ready to return to the cooler place where I now reside, complete with Thai Restaurants and Dog Parks.”

Not so fast, my friend.

Here is the ultimate guide for Wheeling Ex-Pats on things to do, see and think about these days, that might just maybe , potentially, quite possibly have you start thinking to yourself, “Hey – I could actually live here”.


Click on the images below to find Weelunk articles that will feed your desire to return home for good!

On your way in to town, you are going to need a drink ASAP.  Before making it to your parents’ house, have a beer and pick up a growler, at the Wheeling Brewing Company.

Beer is Back in Wheeling


Hungry?  Give Avenue Eats a try, you won’t be disappointed.  Yes – it’s in a house on Washington Ave. – trust us.

Chef Max Estep and all of the chefs at Avenue Eats will prepare just about anything - from the burgers to vegetarian dishes to a grilled cheese sandwich.
Avenue Eats Celebrates Second Anniversary


Still Hungry? Check out the Vagabond Kitchen.

Matt Welsh: A Stay at Home Vagabond?


Looking for a divey, retro, hipster music venue with legitimate music?  Try The Blue Church.

The Blue Church Concert Series Features Nashville Artist


Want to find some local food?  Try Grow Ohio Valley

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Grow Ohio Valley operates this farmers market in East Wheeling every Wednesday, and their schedule takes the crew from Marshall County to Brooke County.
Grow Ohio Valley Offering New CSA program.


How about some gourmet, imported fare? Try Good Mansion Wines.

Holly Wiegmann usually can be found behind the food and cheese counter at Good Mansion Wines.
Holiday Spirits Available at Good Mansion Wines


See our young people supporting one of our oldest institutions: Farm to Fork.

Farm to Fork in Photos


Inspired yet? Want to Invest? These people are investing in Downtown Wheeling.

The Cornelia Building at the time of the purchase.
Developer Cuts Negative Faction No Slack


Remember Stone and Thomas?

The seventh and eighth floors will feature two-floor housing units.
Stone Center Residential Soon to be Reality

And finally, a call to action from one of our local community members.

Remaking Wheeling: Are you all in?


Come Home. Stay Home. Do Something.