WEELove Our Writers: Looking Back At Our Writers’ Favorite Articles

Love is in the air here at Weelunk and we wanted to take a moment to recognize our community writers who help us tell Wheeling’s story. Each of our writers brings their own interests and experiences to the content they create for this platform and we appreciate the perspective that they provide to our readers. We asked our writers which articles they most loved writing, and below is what some of them had to say. If you want to share your creativity with the Weelunk community, consider becoming one of our writers! Visit our Write For Us page to learn more about how you can join the Weelunk writers team!

Wheeling Man’s Hobby Proves ‘It’s a Small World’

Father-Son Duo Creates Podcast to Spread Positivity

“Working on the Positive Push article afforded me the privilege of covering two incredible community members, Chase and his father James Watts. With James’ passing a few months ago, having had the privilege to interview him about his vision, work and community legacy feels like even more of an honor. My favorite part of writing for Weelunk is getting to help tell stories about the amazing community work people are doing locally.” – Sarah Clark

New Deal Projects at Oglebay Park

“I love anything to do with the New Deal and the CivilianConservation Corps (CCC), so getting to write about the part it played in developing and maintaining Wheeling’s own Oglebay Park was a treat! Many of the structures erected during the 1930s, like the Crispin Center and Camp Russel, still exist today and serve as a wonderful reminder of our nation’s resilient spirit.” – Anna Cipoletti

These Vintage Dance Cards Provide a Glimpse Into Wheeling’s Social Scene in the Late-1800s

“My favorite article that I’ve written (so far!) is the one about the Elizabeth Kamm Gardner collection of dance and ball programs. The collection itself was fun to look at, with over 100 colorful and unique dance programs and invitations. As someone new to town, learning about the variety of venues and host societies was a great way for me to get myself acquainted with Wheeling.” – Kate Wietor

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