2015 Top Ten: IDEAS

In 2015 we received stories from over 100 people like you.  Here are the Top Ten stories of 2015 that were published in weelunk.com’s “IDEAS” section, where ideas that support our area’s growth are welcomed.

Editor’s Note: This Top Ten list was complied using ‘analytics’ and social media engagement data.


Remaking Wheeling: Are You All In?

After Saturday: Are You Still All In?

March 2015, December 2015

“Wheeling is in one the most extraordinary times of its history.”

In this two part series, Wendy Scatterday gives a step-by-step guide for all Weelunkers who wish to DO SOMETHING.

Wendy Scatterday


Remembering Abby Frohnapfel

November 2015

 “We want to make every day count.”

John Marshall High School student Brandi Powell, teaches us the importance of remembering a friend.

Brandi Powell


A Farewell to Elm Grove

July 2015

“There will be new neighborhoods, new grocery stores, new convenience shops/pharmacies, and new eateries, but you always remember the ones that you relied on through life transitions.”

Josh Wack is happy he lives within walking distance to the Alpha now, but gives lots of credit to his former neighborhood in this “idea”.

Kathleen and Josh Wack


Can Diversity Help Wheeling Grow? Yes.

August 2015

“Based on personal experiences, I feel welcomed and accepted and also do see Wheeling evolving as an increasingly diverse community, becoming more accepting and inclusive.”

Dr. Vishakha Maskey shares ideas on why diversity is important for a growing city and how Wheeling residents can help create awareness.

Dr. Vishakha Maskey


A Health Transformation in Wheeling

June 2015

“…I am truly a happier person”

Sarah Barickman let’s us know about how an idea changed her physical and mental state for the better.

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Lily, Sarah and Haden Barickman


What Does Downtown Wheeling Need?

August 2015

“I’ve also envisioned a gondola lift from Wheeling Island Casino to Wesbanco Arena. We have everything except for the investors. I think fun and history always draw.” – Kurt Zende

Weelunk’s Chief writer Steve Novotney urges a wide spectrum of representatives to think outside the box.

steve mod
Steve Novotney


A Judge’s Passionate Plea for Action

October 2015

“…everyone in the community needs to get every organization to talk with young people about heroin addiction – schools, churches, bands, scouts, sports teams, drama clubs, and every other club or activity in which your children and grandchildren participate.”

Judge James Seibert urges all of us to step up and Do Something about the heroin epidemic.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jim Seibert
U.S. Magistrate Judge Jim Seibert


1992 MixTape

February 2015

“For those of you who hold these kinds of memories of your hometown, whether here in town or living far away, it’s time we bring back that energy to all of the streets of Wheeling and help her be proud again.”

Weelunker LeeRoy goes back in time to address this myth: “There is nothing to do in Wheeling”.

photo 3 (1)
Driving from McDonald’s to Hardee’s and back again was fun for 90’s high-schoolers.


Moss May be the Mode to Check Mt. Wood Graffiti Problem

July 2015

“We just had to wait for the right time, the right idea and the right group of people to tackle it.”

Lee Chottiner reveals a group of residents who are taking initiative and creatively addressing a community issue.

download (1)
Lee Chottiner


Millennial State of Mind

December 2015

“Our state must have an abundance of young, energetic and highly skilled men and women to remain attractive to potential businesses and meet our long-term economic potential.”

Natalie Roper provides a roadmap for West Virginians to help attract young people to either or stay or move to our state.

Natalie Roper


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